Coat and Jacket Sewing Patterns to Sew this Winter

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Coats are something I personally love making and they are easier than you think. The key to a good coat is preparation, pressing and really good interfacing. Pick your pattern, do the fabric research, get all the notions and hard wear before you start and enjoy the process.  I think that you can create something you’d like to buy on the high street at a much better price. So in terms of hunting out the perfect pattern… I’ve done the editing for you. So settle in and enjoy a  snap shot of some fantastic coats and jacket indie sewing patterns. They’ve split into subsections and you can click on the patterns you need in your life to find out more about them.


New this Winter:

It’s really hard to keep track of the new sewing pattern that have been released. For anyone wanting something that is brand spanking new, then we have got some fantastic options.

Tailored Coats:

You can’t beat a tailored coat, they are a classic shape and will never go out of style. If you take the time to do all the adjustments you need you can use the pattern over and over again. The real fun is going to be the fabric choice and this where you can really let loose. A classic shape with a loud print or pattern would be fantastic.

Rain Coats:

The raincoat or anorak is something that has really gained popularity in the indie sewing world over the last few years. I think this is down to having more waterproof fabrics on the market. One thing to note, waterproof fabrics are generally are harder to sew. A bit like leather, once your sewing needle has punched the hole in the fabric you can’y get rid of it so unpicking is not an option. We’ve got some fantastic patterns that will be perfect for a dog walk or two.

Trench Coat:

You can’t beat a trench coat, similar to the tailored jacket this is a shape that will always be in style. The fantastic thing about these patterns is all the detailing, loads of top stitching, epaulets, storm flaps, you name it it’s on there! Although they can look intimidating so long as you take it slowly it can be a really enjoyable project. It’ll be something you’ll reach for again and again.

Oversized Coats:

There were a lot of oversized coats on the high street this winter and I thought they might be something you are hunting for. There are a few indie pattern companies that have made these. Do remember that you could use a pattern that is more fitted and just size up to give it that boxy look. Here are some of our favourites..

Vintage Inspired Coats:

For the vintage lovers. don’t worry we haven’t forgotten you and have some fantastic patterns. Some of these are original vintage patterns that have been reissued in modern sizing. I particularly love a swing coat, they are so comfortable and you can get a huge jumper underneath it and no one knows!


Duster Coat:

If you live in warmer climbs or want something that is lightweight then a duster coat might just what you are after! They are relaxed fit, unlined and perfect for throwing over a pair of jeans.



A classic blazer is something you’ll wear over and over again. We tried to include as variety of patterns here from the more involved to something less structured. The Itch to Stitch Le Paz jacket is actually made using jersey!

Bomber Jackets:

Bomber jackets are really fun to make, if you’ve never sewn with ribbing then now is the time!

Demin Jacket:

Who doesn’t have (or has had) a denim jacket in their wardrobe? These are a really fun thing to make once you’ve sourced the hard wear. Don’t be fooled by these jackets, they have a lot of pattern pieces! You’ll also become very friendly with top stitching because it’s all over this jacket.

Workwear Jackets:

A personal favourite, the workwear jacket has had it’s moment over the past couple of years. The jackets tend to be unlined and generally made out or a thick cotton/linen or denim. This means the construction of them is often pretty quick and with with boxy shape it makes the fitting a little easier too.

Quilted Jackets:

Quilted jacket were ALL over the high street this winter, so not only will you be bang on trend, they are a lovely thing to make. The Tamarack jacket in particular has been so widely made. I’ve loved seeing how creative people have got this with pattern including one made from left over fabric scraps. Go check out the hashtag and prepare to be inspired.

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