About Us


Hello! Are you wondering what The Fold Line is all about? Well we are an online sewing community and sewing pattern shop. In fact you could say that we are the one stop shop for all your dressmaking pattern needs! Founded in 2015 we are the home for people who love sewing and making their own clothes. You can expect to find lots of inspiration for your next make and catch up on all the latest sewing news on our sewing blog and vlog.

We also have an extensive sewing pattern database where you can use our pattern finder tool to search over 10,000 patterns plus read lots of sewing pattern reviews from the community. We are big supporters of independent pattern designers and many of the sewing patterns in our database are available to buy. We sell both paper and PDF sewing patterns, shipping worldwide.

We also love chatting about sewing, sign up to our newsletter and follow us on social media for all the latest sewing pattern releases plus join our friendly Facebook group to get advice. If that’s not enough to get your creative juices flowing, we also have lots of sewing resources to explore. Be inspired to create a wardrobe you love!

With 500,000 people starting to sew last year alone, pattern and fabric designers have responded to this surge of interest in sewing with an ever-growing number of new pattern and fabric ranges. As avid makers ourselves, we’ve struggled to keep up with all the pattern releases and growing number of bloggers sharing their makes and tips. We were inspired by the growing online sewing community to build a home for everyone interested in dressmaking. From this The Fold Line was born, a place that brings all this information together, on an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly and sociable site.

We also wanted The Fold Line to be a place you can meet other makers, share tips and ideas and get lots of inspiration for your next make. We hope the site will be the central hub to socialise and keep up-to-date with the latest sewing news and sewing pattern releases. 


2019 winners of the Blog of the Year award, The British Craft Awards.

2018 EU ERDF / British Library Innovating for Growth Award Programme

2016 winners of the Handmade Champion Award, Mollie Makes Handmade Awards.

2017 and 2018 winners of the Blog of the Year award, The British Craft Awards.

We are Kate and Rachel and met when we worked together at Sew Over It in London. We are both keen creative types with Kate training in millinery before she moved on to manage Sew Over It. Kate then worked freelance doing creative marketing and social media consultancy for small businesses. At The Fold Line she is the Creative Director, which includes the social media, marketing, press, photography, blogs and vlogs. 

After working at Sew Over It, Rachel did freelance pattern-cutting and product design for creative businesses. At The Fold Line she is the Operations Director, overseeing the pattern database and website, managing the accounts and keeping everything organised and up-to-date. We share everything else, from looking after you to coming up with exciting new ideas.

There are no funders, investors or third parties. The website updates, new features and monthly running costs for the site are paid for by our supportive advertisers. If you are interested in advertising you can find out more here.

Communities are built on collaborations and sharing knowledge, please get in touch: hello@thefoldline.com