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NEW: we have upgraded our copy shop sewing pattern paper. Orders will be printed on our new 60gsm paper, which has been designed specifically for sewing patterns. The new paper is thinner, making it easier to handle and trace but it still has the rigidity needed so won’t tear easily. Read testimonials from Fold Line customers below!

Print out your digital A0 PDF, copy shop or large format sewing patterns using our copy shop sewing pattern printing service. You will receive the printed large scale A0 sheet version of the PDF sewing pattern on 60 gsm paper. The pattern is printed out by us, scale checked where possible and posted to you next working day (we ship worldwide). This saves having to print the pattern out onto lots of A4 sheets of paper and sticking them together, perfect for all of us who sew at home! We also include a reusable envelope to store your pattern pieces in with every pattern ordered.

Price for the A0 printing (per pattern file uploaded) :

– 1 page £4
– 2 pages £5
– 3 pages £6
– 4 pages £7
– 5 pages  £8
– 6 pages £9
– 7 pages £10
– 8 pages £11
– 9 pages £12
– 10 pages £13
– 11 pages £14
– x1 long A0 page (any length) £7

Benefits of printing your copy shop pattern on our sewing specific 60gsm paper:

  • Easier to cut out, pin to fabric and handle
  • Semi-opaque which is great news for team tracing!
  • Uses less paper making it better for the environment
  • Long-lasting and resistant to tearing when compared to tissue paper
  • Takes up less space to store

Testimonials from Fold Line customers about the new 60gsm copy shop paper:

Alison – “Much easer to handle and as it uses less paper is better for the environment, it’s a win-win.”

Chrissi – “The new paper was much easier to cut out as not so heavy, a lot easier to pin to fabric whilst sturdy enough not to rip. It folds smaller and is light to store so takes up less room. I couldn’t fault it!”

Gemma – “The new pattern paper feels fantastic, easier to handle than the thicker paper but still strong so I’m not worried about accidentally tearing it!”

Julia – “I especially like that the paper is still thick enough to trace, rather than cut the size needed.”

Noni – “It feels much more like sewing pattern tissue paper but it still has the rigidity of paper. The thing I love most of all is that its not too thich when it’s folded back up.”

Pat – “It’s brilliant, so much easier to handle and still resistant to tearing. I love the fact that the paper has a slight shiny finish as this helps the pins to glide through the paper.”

How to upload and print PDF sewing patterns online

1. Click ‘choose file’ to upload your PDF file and then click ‘Upload file’. This must be in PDF format and no wider than an A0 sheet of paper (841mm or 33.1″) but it can be any length. We can print A0, A1 and A2 sheets of any length, these will all be printed onto A0 sized paper. You can upload a PDF file with multiple sheets too. 

2. Our software will automatically detect how many sheets there are in the file you have uploaded and give you a price. Add any notes for us to your order in the ‘Additional notes’ box.

3. Click ‘Add to Basket’. Repeat this process for additional patterns or pattern sheets

Note: if you try to upload a tiled A4 PDF sewing pattern you will receive an error message. We do not print these. We also don’t print pattern instructions.

As with all our orders you will then receive processing and confirmation emails that you order has been dispatched within five minutes of placing your order.

Watch our how-to videos on how to do this below:

Where can I get help with copy shop printing?

If you have any problems uploading A0 PDF, copy shop or large format sewing pattern files to print please email [email protected] and send us the file you are trying to print. If you are struggling to combine more that one A0 PDF sheet of the same pattern into a single document before uploading we can also help with this. Please get in contact, we can usually solve it!

Note about designers:

– Some Style Arc copy shop patterns are 36″ wide rather than the UK standard of 33″ wide, these can’t be printed on UK copy shop printers. If you receive an error when uploading, this could be the problem.

– Some Merchant and Mills and Peppermint copy shop patterns are in landscape format, rather than portrait. If you have problems uploading these, try rotating the files first – or send them us [email protected] and we can do this for you (free service). 

– Some designers send out their copy shop pattern files as single sheets e.g. Tilly and the Buttons, these need combining into one A0 PDF document before uploading to our website for printing. If you have any problems doing this, please email your files to [email protected] and we can do this for you (free service). 

What is copy shop sewing pattern printing (also called A0 or large scale printing)?

Since launching our sewing copy shop printing service for the digital PDF patterns we sell, we have had lots of requests from sewing enthusiast and makers who have bought PDF patterns elsewhere and would like to get them printed. Copy shop printing is the best of both worlds! You receive the printed large scale A0 sheet version of the PDF pattern. The pattern is printed out by us and posted to you next working day. This saves having to print the pattern out onto lots of A4 sheets of paper and sticking them together.

How do you print digital sewing patterns?

We do not print out the instructions so you can either view these using the digital PDF pattern you received or print them off at home on a home printer onto A4 pieces of paper. We print the A0 copy shop pattern onto durable 60gsm paper using a professional laserjet printer (called Brenda!), it’s a pretty standard weight printer paper, easy to cut out but thicker than tissue paper so it doesn’t tear. You can store  the sewing pattern and use it again and again. Your pattern will be printed out, folded and posted to you with a reusable envelope you can store the pattern pieces in once you’ve cut them out (with space for making notes on the cover).

We print in both black and white or colour – if the file you upload is in colour, we will print it in colour, if it is in black and white, it will be printed in black and white. We print onto standard sized A0 paper (841mm wide and 1189mm long). The printer has a 10mm margin, if your pattern pieces go right up to the edge of the A0 digital file, it may not print the full design.

You can read more about our full delivery options here, we ship worldwide.

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