Copy shop printing

A review of PRINT PDF SEWING PATTERNS (upload any copy shop, A0 or large format pattern)

Reviewed by Ksaull on 9th November, 2019

Kate, I enjoy your Saturday morning videos allowing me to catch up with all that’s going on in the sewing community!  Love that you tell us about new indie pattern brands that could easily be missed otherwise.  I do wish that you would start the video letting us know what you are wearing along with the fabric intel.

I have not finished watching today’s video because once you said there is NOW an option to upload pdf patterns to be printed, I stopped everything, and quickly downloaded my list of patterns that I wanted printed at a copy shop.  It is very hard to find copy shops here in Florida  and when I do they charge exorbitant rates and want me to put them on a thumb drive ??!!!

I just sent in 11 or 12 patterns as a start! I am thrilled beyond words.

THIS.IS.LIFE.CHANGING!  The pdf patterns were cool in the beginning , a novelty but do serve a purpose.   But now I find myself never sewing them because I dread having to tape them together, just dread it.  So instead I will sew something that does not require that.

Just felt the need to post this and to thank you for the amazing job you girls do!  The Foldline just keeps getting better and better!  So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!!!

Karen S.