A day in the life..

Hello team, something a little different from us this week. We’ve had a few requests to find out a little bit more about what we get up to at work,  so I’ve done a day-in-the-life video. If you like this then please let us know as we can totally do more of these.


The focus of this week’s video was Christmas… we are only a couple of months away and I need to get a load of stuff photographed. We wanted to create a Christmas section on the site where you can send family and friends and feel confident that you’ll get something that you’d like this Christmas. We’ve all been there where your family has gone rogue and got you something bizarre because they thought you ‘like crafts’.

If you are thinking about sewing some handmade gifts this year then if you click on the ‘Christmas’ tab in the menu and we’ve got some fantastic gift ideas.

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