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Chat to other makers about what you've been sewing and your favourite patterns.

Are you looking to meet other sewists and talk about your projects and fabric purchases or ask for help and pattern suggestions? We encourage you to come and chat in our sewing Facebook group, which has over 10,000 members. It’s a friendly place to meet other makers who also love sewing. You can chat about what you are making, compare patterns, get inspiration from what other people have been sewing recently and also ask for help with your sewing query.

Meeting other people who love sewing is great fun. It’s a brilliant way to improve your skills and discover new patterns and fabrics. Sewing can sometimes feel like a bit of a solitary hobby so it’s really important we meet and get as many people sewing as possible.

How do I join? The Facebook group is free to join, just click on this link, request to become a member and answer a simple sewing question.

Note: If you have arrived at this page from a link to our previous Forum, this has now closed as we have found the Facebook group to be a much better platform to chat. Join the sewing Facebook group here.