Fun sewing stuff

We have brought together some fun free sewing themed desktop artwork, playlists to listen to while you sew and our maps of UK Sewing City Guides for you to use. We’ve also got lots of downloads to organise your sewing pattern and fabric stash. What is your sewing mood today? We have several playlists to help you sew along while you whip up an amazing make! Plus our Sewing City Guides to London are a great way to discover new shops or plan a fabric shopping day with friends.


FREE Sewing City guides to London

We often get asked about where to find sewing shops in London so we thought we’d bring them all together in one place. We’ve even got maps and shop addresses to download, print off and take with you for fabric shopping travels!

There are lots of sewing and fabric shops in London, so we’ve divided them up into different regions – central, North, South, East and West. Click here to discover all our free sewing city guides to London.


FREE sewing downloads to organise your sewing pattern, fabric and haberdashery stash

These include Fabric stash tags, Button cards, Ribbon and trim cards, Size measurement cards, Sewing projects lists, Fabric stash library cards with tags, Pattern card notes and Pattern library cards (to organise by designer or pattern type). We recommend you print them out on card suitable for your printer so they will last longer (and select to print multiples per sheet to save on paper). Why not print them on coloured card to brighten up your sewing supplies? Happy Sewing! Follow this link to download everything you need for your free sewing stash organisers.

FREE Sewing desktop artwork

Emily Muir has a background in Fashion illustration and created the brand Peardrop Avenue from a love of designing pretty things. You can find delectable occasion stationary and accessories, inspired by life’s special events, for weddings, baby showers and hen parties. Have a look at Emily’s lovely collections at her NOTHS shop. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Thank you Emily for designing this beautiful artwork!

Download your free artwork wallpaper for iPad and tabletiPhone and mobile or desktop!

Sewing playlists

We all need tunes to listen to while we sew, here are some of our favourite play lists to have one while we are making.

Sew Dance Sew                                                                      Sew Soul Music


Happy Stitchers                                                                       Calm Stitchers


Rock and Sew                                                                            Sew Like it’s 1999