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Sew Reporter – 28th November

Happy Sunday gang! We’re almost waving goodbye to November and entering a rather festive month… it comes around so quickly, doesn’t it?

We know lots of you have been excited about the cinema release of ‘The House of Gucci‘ and we have too, so we thought we’d do a bit of a special Sew Reporter, packed with things related to the movie! I hope you have a wonderful Sunday everyone!

Ok, so a lot of the costumes in the House of Gucci are quite out there. They are very opulent and fun to look at, but not really things that would fit into an average person’s wardrobe. We did really love the neckline on this dress worn by Lady Gaga’s character, Patrizia Reggiani. We thought it could be a fun style to hunt out so we searched our pattern database for something that would have a similar feel. It would make a lovely party dress.

We thought these two designs give you a similar feel and nod to the style, but without being too literal and are a little more modern in their design. The McCall’s M8034 is a fitted, lined dress that has boning and elasticated gathers at the shoulder. The Heaven Dress by Fibre Mood is definitely a modern interpretation of the dress. It has a figure-hugging shape and statement puffed sleeves.

McCall’s M8034 – sizes UK 4/6-18/20

Heaven Dress by Fibre Mood – Sizes 6-26/28

Sewing Bee Raph made this wow-worthy outfit for the Gay Times Honours using the Simplicity S9043 trouser pattern from our shop and we are blown away by the intricacy and meaning that went into this handmade outfit. Raph wanted to use the outfit as an opportunity to think about how LGBTQ+ people still very often have to hide their true selves.

He evoked the colours of the peacock connecting his garment with a period in history when gay men would wear peacock feathers as a way to safely identify each other. He used glendina fabric (a mix of silk and linen) chosen for the strength of the material and the shine. All the fabric was dyed a bright acid green, Raph then made the garments before dying again to achieve the Ombré effect using a turquoise blue acid dye to evoke the colours in the peacock feathers. How amazing is this make?!  Follow @raph_sew_and_so for more incredible makes.

Just how cool is everything about this? MelleMiio used a stunning silk knit jersey to make the Jackie Dress by Victory Patterns and was very happy with how the fabric and pattern worked together. There is no better feeling than when you absolutely nail a pairing and this definitely deserves a gold star. Read the full review here.

We’ve added some lovely new patterns to the shop this week including a comfy jumpsuit from Sew Liberated and a new zero-waste style from Birgitta Helmersson.

Do you already have a specific design in mind? Or do you need some help finding the perfect pattern for your fabric? You can search all the patterns in our database using our newly updated sewing-specific search tool.

We feel it is about time to put on a party frock and celebrate the festive season (and we want an excuse to sew something lovely!). If you are thinking of adding a party dress to your handmade wardrobe, we have a few ideas up our voluminous (and on-trend) sleeves! We’ve written a blog post rounding up ten beautiful indie party dress patterns that work whether you are staying in for an intimate soirée or going out on the town, you’ll find a design that you will want to wear to all your future functions

Who else has been counting down the days till The House of Gucci hits the cinemas? We have and it’s finally out in cinemas this weekend – yippee! The trailer promises a gripping storyline, fabulous acting from a star-studded cast and a must-see wardrobe. All the snippets we have seen look incredible, and it does seem likely that Lady Gaga will receive an Oscar nomination for her role as Patrizia Reggiani, an outsider who marries into the Gucci family. We can’t wait to see it (and study those clothes!).

If you want more, more, more House of Gucci, we’ve found some interesting things to read and listen to!

You could grab a copy of the House of Gucci book that the film is based on by Sara Gay Forden if you want to delve into the story a little deeper. We enjoyed this fabulous interview in Harpers Bazaar with Sara Gay Forden.


We know you will be thrilled by the costumes and the story behind them, so this article on Refinery 29 with the House of Gucci costume designer, Janty Yates could be of interest. Yates talks about the costumes and working hand-in-hand with Lady Gaga, which even involved accessing her temperature-controlled private collection. Imagine a few minutes in that room!

If you want to hear more about the story and from the stars themselves, check out this Acast podcast House of Gucci Interview Special.

If you are captivated by the Gucci murder that became Italy’s crime of the century, you might like this Wondery podcast, Even the Rich: Murder in the House of Gucci. It delves into how such a well-known and successful family came to be and things took a deadly turn.

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