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Christmas at The Fold Line

I’m sorry to say it, but the C word is coming… yep Christmas is upon us! Having been gifted some very odd things from family members over the years, we decided to help everyone out and create a safe shopping area for your family. We’ve created a two-prong attack so that you can get something you’d like under the tree this year.

The first option,  if you know exactly what you’d like, then we’ve created wishlists that can be published. You just copy and paste the URL and this can be sent to family and friends.  You can create as many as you’d like you can ever tailor them to different groups! Rachel has created a little video to show you how to do it.

If you feel like you don’t want to go down that route then we have created a section on the site where you can send people to peruse, without worrying that you’ll get something awful. We’ve got pattern bundles, sewing magazines, labels and some fabulous bag patterns. So let’s have a look at the sort of things you can expect to find…

Who doesn’t want some beautiful labels to add into your handmade clothes? We’ve created some Kylie and the Machine bundles. Each bundle comes with two packs of labels, a handy sewing gauge to make sure you sewing it in in the right spot and a tin to keep them safe in.

We thought a sewing pattern magazine sewing bundle was a great bet. Both magazines come with patterns so there is likely to be at least one thing that the reciever will love. Tauko magazine is also styffed full of interesting articles too, and it’s nice to have something new to read at this time of year when we all have a little time off.

The Merchant and Mills Harlene dungaress have beel widly popular in the sewing community. We decided the pair up the patterns alongside the hardware, as this is often the thing that stops you from starting a sewing project. This pattern is available in two size bandings too.

Our beginner bundle is a carefully curated budle that is perfect for a sewing novice. We have chosen these pattern, becuase they are simple sews but also they have fantastic instuctions. We all want our first sewing experiences to be as good as possible and with these patterns, you are in safe hands.

One of our favourite bundles is the pyjama party! In this you get the the Named Lahja dressing gown, a lovely simple sew and one you’ll use time and time again, You also get the Paper Theory Agnes Pyjamas, which have the feel of a classsic pyjamam but with simpler constuction methods.

We’ve now got the first of three designer bundles, this one is from Megan Neislen. We have chosen her best selling patterns, alongside her latest release the Protea, which is a fice piece multi pattern. These are peerfect for someone who has made a few items before.

The Friday Pattern Comanpy bundle is one of our favourites, we found it so hard to narrow it down to just three. The Patina, The Sagebursh and the  Wilder are firm favoruites amongst the community and this bundel is perfect for a confident beginner.

Last but not least is the Closet Core budle. These three patterns are probaly the most popular patterns of this year. The Cielo and Pietra can be worn together meaning you get a full outift as well as the party dress!

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