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Get the Look: Artfully Dressed

Does anyone else dream of a wardrobe that screams “Art Teacher” or outfits that express to the world that you are a creative soul? Dressing like an artist involves cool and comfortable pieces that layer up really nicely. The overall feel is very laid back and unstructured, but the styles are interesting. There is an art to it, you might say! The pieces are stylistic, yet organic and are great for actually doing creative things like sewing, painting (of course) and wandering around art galleries.

If you want to add a few creative pieces to your handmade wardrobe for channelling your inner artist, we’ve got some inspiration for you! So without further ado, let’s get onto the patterns, shall we?

Let us start with an absolute essential of any artfully curated wardrobe – a pair of overalls. Originally designed as a practical workwear piece, overalls or dungarees have become a creative way to dress. I’ve picked a selection of patterns that are suitably laid back and perfect for layering a billowy blouse underneath for an ethereal feel (more on those later!). You could also go the boilersuit route. They are very modern and will be sure to communicate that you are a creative!

  1. Ready to Sew Partner Overalls
  2. True Bias Riley Overalls
  3. Made My Wardrobe Greta Dungarees
  4. Sew House Seven Burnside Bibs
  5. Helen’s Closet Yanta Overalls
  6. Homer + Howells Lennox Boilersuit and Shirt

An artist’s smock has traditionally been worn over other clothing to protect it when painting a masterpiece (or fingerprinting if that’s your thing!). They are loose and flowy and super comfy to wear. Smock dresses look great worn with a pair of trousers for maximum layering. Smock tops are a great way to get this look without the volume if that’s your vibe!

  1. The Modern Sewing Co. French Smock
  2. Birgitta Helmersson ZW Gather Dress
  3. Over-It Dress – one of the patterns from Tauko magazine issue No.6
  4. Merchant & Mills Cawley Dress
  5. Folkwear 221 Adult/Child English Smock

On the theme of keeping your clothes protected, workwear jackets are key to the arty look. Though they were originally worn for manual jobs, they have become a very popular style for a modern wardrobe. Whether you go long like the September Coat or detailed like the Sienna Maker Jacket, you will get loads of wear out of this make.

  1. Birgitta Helmersson ZW Workwear Jacket
  2. The Modern Sewing Co Over Shirt
  3. Closet Core Patterns Sienna Maker Jacket
  4. Sewing Patterns by Masin Jameela Jacket
  5. Merchant & Mills September Coat

Remember I mentioned billowy blouses? They are quite an important component of artful dressing. Wear your blouse under overalls, aprons or with flowy skirts or trousers. Opt for an organic type fabric, like linen, cheesecloth or double gauze to make your top ultra arty.

  1. The Modern Sewing Co Leila Shirt
  2. Folkwear 102 Unisex French Cheesemakers Smock
  3. Merchant & Mills Clover Dress and Top
  4. Made My Wardrobe Amaya Shirt
  5. I AM Patterns Hesat Blouse and Dress

An apron is not just for the kitchen. Oh no, the apron aesthetic is another great piece for layering with and getting the artist’s look. You can wear a tunic-style apron like the Studio Tunic for practical creativity, or go for something more unusual like the Pablo Overalls.

  1. The Assembly Line Apron Dress
  2. Aurora Pinafore Dress – one of the patterns from Tauko Magazine Issue No.7
  3. Sew Liberated Studio Tunic
  4. Made My Wardrobe Olivia Dress
  5. Ready to Sew Pablo Overalls

If you are committing to the creative look you need a practical carrier to match. It’s nice to have your hands free to work on your craft, so something like the Tauko Marsupial belt will keep your tools to hand and you won’t be tied down to holding them. You could indulge in a creative, slow sewing project like the Taru Sashiko bag, where you will embellish the outside of your project.

  1. Grainline Studio Field Bag
  2. Lasenby Taru Maru Duffle Bag
  3. Marsupial Belt – one of the patterns from Tauko magazine issue No.6
  4. Merchant & Mills Field Belt
  5. Noodlehead Haralson Belt Bag

I mentioned that layering is part of the art teacher look, so I’ve found some lovely patterns that will add to that easy-breezy look. Why not sew a men’s Billy Gilet for an unconventional extra? Or a Lichen Duster to just “throw on” when off to potter around a gallery (or some pottery for that matter). You will find it goes with so many things and sets your outfit off.

  1. The New Craft House Everyday Waistcoat
  2. Sew Liberated Lichen Duster
  3. Kindling Jumper and Vest – one of the patterns from Tauko magazine issue No.8
  4. Wardrobe by Me Pika Vest
  5. Merchant & Mills Billy Gilet

Finally, if you tend to prefer wearing trousers, why not go for an interesting design that could be your statement piece? Wrap trousers look so chic and arty (watch the Magnolia Pants in action) and something sculptural like the Arthur Pants will make your outfit a literal work of art!

  1. The Modern Sewing Co. Worker Trousers
  2. Sew Liberated Arthur Pants
  3. Vanessa Hansen Toril Trousers
  4. The Patterns Room Magnolia Pants
  5. Ready to Sew Pleat Asymmetrical Pants

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