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Curious about adding cut-outs to your handmade wardrobe? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that cut-out details don’t necessarily make you have to flash the flesh. There are a plethora of sewing patterns that offer lots of different takes on adding this detail to your handmade wardrobe. Whether you want to show just a peep or have the cut-out take centre stage, we have a pattern for you! We’ve rounded up a literal load of cut-out dresses and cut-out tops that might tempt you to try this trend. Happy browsing!

I going to ease you in gently with just a hint of a cut-out. A peep of skin. These cut-out dresses are super elegant and is a great way to try out the trend without feeling like you’ve got too much on show.

  1. Vikisews Eliza Dress
  2. Sew Love Patterns Joelle Dress
  3. Fibre Mood Lucille Dress
  4. Maison Fauve Haut Vol Dress
  5. Named Kerttu Knot Dress and Skirt

Another suggestion for just a hint of a cut-out is to look for a V-shape. The V cut-out puts a very sophisticated spin on this detail and opens up your face.

  1. McCalls M8167 Dress
  2. Simplicity S9323 Caftans
  3. Fibre Mood Josephine Dress
  4. Vogue V1908 Dress
  5. Simplicity S9296 Dresses

You don’t just have to keep your cut-outs in the front… these dress patterns keep the wow factor in the back! I love a surprise detail and people won’t be expecting the most exciting bit of your dress to be behind you.

  1. Vikisews Oona Dress
  2. Fibre Mood Nina Dress
  3. Fibre Mood Alena Dress
  4. Vikisews Uni Dress
  5. Closet Core Patterns Pauline Dress
  6. Pattern Fantastique Ether Dress

If you’re completely sold on the cut-out trend – let it take centre stage! These dress patterns make the cut-out the thing you set your eyes on first and feature some clever construction tricks to house them.

  1. McCalls M8362 Dress
  2. Vikisews Nadi Dress
  3. McCalls M8252 Dresses
  4. McCalls M8253 Dresses
  5. Vikisews Leora Dress

Not convinced the cut-out is a very wearable feature? You can fake it! If you sew a co-ord in the same fabric, you can create the illusion of a cut-out without actually having one! It will also mean the elements can be worn separately which makes them very versatile.

  1. Vikisews Lucy Blouse and Vikisews Mara Pants
  2. Friday Pattern Company Saturday Skirt Set
  3. Papercut Patterns Estella Dress, Top and Skirt
  4. Liberty Patterns Florence Palazzo Suit
  5. Friday Pattern Company Saguaro Set

Are you giving cut-outs the cold shoulder? Why not make it a thing and sew a cold shoulder cut-out?! It’s quite a 90s look which is also very on-trend and the moment.

  1. Simplicity S9679 Knit Tops
  2. Ploen Patterns Vera Dress and Top
  3. Vikisews Kendall Top
  4. Simplicity SP109 Crop Top 
  5. Juliana Martejevs Liza Top

Get crafty with your knit fabrics and sew a cut-out jersey top! The cut-out detail makes a simple basic top that bit more interesting. It’s a wonderful way to bring this look into your everyday wardrobe.

  1. Lenealine Matvey Top
  2. Itch to Stitch Brisbane Top and Dress
  3. McCalls M8369 Knit Top and Trousers
  4. Named Sisko Interlace Dress and Top
  5. Vikisews Miley Bodysuit
  6. McCalls M8117 Top

And finally, I’ve found a selection of sewing patterns that feature a really cool cut-out shape. From triangles to squares to circles, this will be a really playful sewing project!

  1. Maison Fauve Mia Dress and Blouse
  2. Fibre Mood Sasha Dress and Top
  3. Simplicity S9749 Tops
  4. Fibre Mood Tallulah Top
  5. Style Arc Roxy Woven Shirt

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