Sewing Bullet Journal

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Have you caught the Bullet Journal bug but want to include your sewing plans as well? Check out our video below on how to include sewing projects and makes in your Bullet Journal. Plus download our FREE templates to get super organised!

If you’ve never heard of a Bullet Journal do not fear, we’ve added links into the description of the video so you can find out all about it first. A Bullet Journal is a type of diary system which allows you to organise your whole life in one place. It is both structured and flexible with different elements you can include to document your yearly, monthly and daily tasks. Find out more about this analog system for the digital age here.

We’ve definitely been bitten by the Bullet Journal bug but wanted to work out how to also include our sewing plans and makes. After testing out various options we think we’ve come up with a great system for adding sewing plans, makes and keeping track of what supplies you need. We’ve even created some FREE downloadable templates so you can just print them out and stick them in your Bullet Journal ready to get planning!

Watch our YouTube sewing video to find out more about how we Bullet Journal to organise our sewing plans.

FREE downloadables:

Projects template

Sewing plans template

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  1. abelcham

    I love your idea for having sewing in a bullet journal. I have included the sewing plans template in my BUJO. I would love to include the project template in it also but am waiting to see where I can fit it in. Probably the bag of the journal like you did. Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas with us.

  2. theindigoteacher

    This is great, thanks for sharing. I’ve printed off your free downloadables and will plan to use them to teach basic sewing in my high school sewing class 🙂

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