How to organise a local sewing meet up

Do you want to find other people who love to sew and live locally? Here are some handy tips for organising a sewing meet up to go fabric shopping or visit a craft event or fair.

First things first, find out if there are any existing groups in your local area that meet up already. It can be a bit tricky to find them sometimes but a quick Google should tell you and look at the groupson our site too. The Sewing Directory have a list of local sewing groups that you can search by region too. You could also try asking in your local fabric shop or look on the notice board there if it has one. Quite a few sewing groups now have pages on Facebook too, so it’s worth having a look on their too, check out the Dressmakers Social in Brighton. If you can’t find a group then why not set up one yourself?

How to find people locally who like sewing

Next is to find some sewing people. There are lots of places you can do this on and offline. We recommend starting a local group in our forum, check out all the regional sewing groups we have already around the world. In a regional group you can ask if any members live more locally to you and are interested in meeting up. You can also put an advert in your local sewing or craft shop, library or school. A good place to meet people who like sewing locally to you is at a sewing class. Also have a look for people with similar interests to you on social media.

Organising your first meet up

Once you have people interested in meeting up try to organise your first group outing or meet up on a date when most people are free. Pick somewhere like a local cafe near public transport so it is easy to get to. You can then go fabric shopping from there or try to time your first meet up with an exhibition or fair that is showing in your local area. Take a look at our Fabric shop World Mapto find a list of sewing shops you could visit and our social calendarfor upcoming sewing events and exhibitions.. Not everyone will be able to make the meet up but try to keep a list of people interested in case there is a future date they can come to.

At your first meet up it’s good to find out what sort of activities your new sewing friends would like to do in the future. If you want to organise a regular meet up where you sew then you will need to try and find a space you can all work in such as a local sewing shop, school or village hall or community centre. This can be a bit tricky if you all want to use sewing machines together but you don’t need as much equipment if you just want to do hand stitching, crafting or quilting, for example.

Organising a regular meet up

At the start it’s best to keep it simple and organise a casual meet up to go fabric shopping or to a craft fair. Over time if you are getting more members to your group who are keen to meet up more regularly then look into organising something regular where you can use your sewing machines. You will need to find a suitable location with sewing tables, enough electrical sockets and preferably free parking close by. Make sure you ask about insurance too, the premises must have cover for all the members of your group and sewing with machines be allowed.

Things to remember

Let everyone know about your meet ups by posting information online (for example, in your group on The Fold Line and at www.meetup.com) and locally by posting notices in your local sewing shop, community centre and school. Always be careful though and don’t share personal details before meeting someone for the first time. Try to organise a meet up with a friend or invite your crafty friends to come along too. Always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back.

Most of all have fun and try not to buy too much fabric, who are we kidding!? Look at these lovely ladies who met on The Fold Line and went fabric shopping together last week!

How to organise a local sewing meet up on The Fold Line


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