New Years Sewing Resolutions 2017



HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We hope that you have all had lovely Christmases and are feeling ready to take on 2017. To give you all a little inspiration we have asked some of your favourite bloggers and designers to share with us their sewing resolutions for the year.



Christine Haynes

2016 was all about healing and discovery for me: recovering from a big personal loss, figuring out where I’m headed, and asking myself how my life as a sewer and patternmaker fit into those plans. I embarked on a six month Wardrobe Architect project and took time to think thoughtfully about what I make, own, and wear. 2017 will be about taking those ideas further, as I continue to purge my stash, whittle down my possessions, and sew projects with a plan, so they will mean something to me in the future instead of just in the moment. For my company, Christine Haynes Patterns, as I begin to prepare to leave Los Angeles and the permanent sunshine, my designs will inevitably be effected by a different climate, and I’m excited to see how they will evolve and change with a change in location. I’m ready for 2016 to be over and look forward to seeing everyone in the new year!


Rachel – House in Pinheiro

I’m not one for making yearly resolutions. My imagination and creativity tend to push me out of my sewing comfort zone and that’s something I will be definitely be doing next year.  But if I must have to write something on my list would be
“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” — Albert Einstein


Saara & Laura – Named Clothing

In 2017 I will pay extra attention to ethical and good quality materials. I started recently studying more about vegan materials, and therefore avoided for example silk and wool for the 2016. It has been surprisingly easy (partly because I’ve still used my existing garments and some fabrics from our stash), but also very fun and adventurous, and I think I’ll continue the same way in 2017! Saara & I have also both signed up for a bra-making workshop in April, so I guess it’s safe to promise that we will learn how to make bras! Saara still promises to finish all unfinished projects which I think she promised last year as well 😀


Elle  – Sew Positivity

I plan on making 2017 the year of doing.  I’ve got my new sparkly year planner out already and I’ve bought all the scented pens so you better believe I’m going to be smelling pineapple plans to knit a jumper in July (and even maybe finish it before 2018)
I usually shy away from new years resolutions because I’d convinced myself over the years that it’s best not to try in case you fail, but thanks to the huge support of the sewing community I’ve realised that there is no failing only learning.  I hope you will join me on my learning curve which includes a brand new blog, moving into a dedicated studio space, teaming up with other sewists for a special event early in the year and maybe squeezing in making a couture finished dress for the Dress makers ball.


Lisa – Sew Over it

This year is going to be all about thinking more cleverly about the clothes I sew. We’ve got a baby on the way so I’m going to need clothes that grow with me until then – and ones I can work with after the baby comes. I’m thinking loose shapes and of course a lot of jersey! I’ll be making things with extended front hems (to cover the bump!) which I can then level off when I no longer need the extra length. I plan to go wild with tie belts – because there’s no getting away from a nipped in waist with me, even if it is much higher!


Hannah & Rosie – The New Craft House

Hannah – I want to make a totally me made, wearable underwear drawer. With perfect fitting bras and amazing matching pants. I’ve got loads of French lace to use up, so I’ll also be stash busting!
Rosie – I’m on a huge fabric buying ban until I have used up ALL of my stash. Might sound ambitious, but I think I can do it if I avoid Goldhawk road! I’m especially keen to use up the Liberty I’ve been hoarding for years, so expect to see some quilts!


Jen – Workroom Social

I can’t believe it’s already 2017! This year I am trying to actually sew a thing or two for myself. I don’t make a lot of things for me to wear, but I have so many things I WANT to make and wear. Self–>do it this year! I also want to spend time this year documenting my work (AKA blogging!). It’s so helpful to have a record of past makes. Happy new year everyone!!


Heather Lou – Closet Case Files

2017 is going to be about building a super functional wardrobe that suits my lifestyle (workaholic dog mom) and evolving style (chic minimalism) a lot better. When I started sewing I made way many too frivolous party dresses, and while I’m grateful for them now as I ALWAYS have something to wear to a fancy event, it’s become more and more clear that I need to focus on sewing really well made and timeless pieces that I can wear over and over again, and that pair with everything else in my closet. I’m also planning on drafting a lot more of my own wardrobe; I love love love supporting other indie designers but I have too many ideas for my wardrobe that I can’t find in pattern form!


Rachel – Rach Against The Sewing Machine

In 2017 I’m hopefully going to do a bit more sewing and blogging than I did this year!  I’m still planning on sticking to my goal of “wearable but me-made” so things such as t-shirts, jumpers and casual dresses.  I like to be able to incorporate my makes into my every day life.  I’d like to make a Grainline moss skirt, add a couple more Grainline hemlock tees to my collection, and maybe tackle trousers if I’m brave enough!


Lauren – Lladybird

My sewing resolution for 2017? Sew some dang underwear. I’ve got the bra part nailed down, but I’m still wearing ratty panties because I abhor the the idea of wasting sewing time/precious elastic on something as basic as a pair of undies. I’m at a point now where I feel real good about my handmade wardrobe and I don’t have a lot of needs remaining – except the need to keep sewing. So I’m going to focus some of that creative energy on making my underwear drawer delightfully handmade 🙂


Winnie – Scruffy Badger

I have a very clear view that I shall make my Harris Tweed jacket…finally!
I’m going to be learning more about fitting ( I’ve got a sewing holiday booked to make my custom fitting dress pattern)
I’ll also be venturing into something more creative and decorative, maybe giving patchwork a go? it’s about time I sprinkled some sewing magic around my house more….
Look forward to seeing what everyone else is up for!!

Tilly – Tilly and the Buttons

My sewing resolution for 2017 is a classic. Stop buying fabric and sew from my stash!!! Whether I’ll actually do it is another matter, hehe…

Amy – Almond Rock

My resolution is to learn the skills I need to sew my own wedding dress. This also involves picking a design which seems much harder! I want to learn about constructing a corselet, improve my hand stitching skills and get the perfect fit. I’ve signed myself up to a couture bridal class with Alison Smith MBE, investing in handbooks from Susan Khalje and built myself a schedule that allows for a lot of experimentation with different patterns. Plus I have a trusty mentor in my lovely friend and bridesmaid Charly who makes wedding dresses for a living.
Wish me luck?


Haley Glenn – Seamwork

My 2017 resolution is to break up my sewing routine! In the past there were items that I would always buy versus make. This seems really creatively limiting and I want to resolve to reach beyond my tried and true patterns and make more separates—especially pants—and outerwear.

My plan of action is to keep the project intensity diverse, by mixing wardrobe staples from Seamworkin with vintage and some of my other favorite indie patterns. Secondly, I am committing to sewing for shorter periods of time, but more frequently. I used to sew this way, and I was always amazed at how much I could get done in just 30 minutes every day over the course of a week.


Gabby – Gabberdashery

I definitely want to concentrate on filling the gaps in my wardrobe that I seem to be consistently distracted away from doing – like plain tops and trousers instead of making everything in bold prints that don’t go together! I also want to take things a bit slower and stop rushing through makes to wear that night! Oh and I have big plans to make a lot more stage clothes next year as I already have lots of gigs in the diary to wear them for – I’m thinking glitzy playsuits and full length dresses!


Fiona  – Diary of a Chainstitcher

My resolutions have often revolved around improving the technical side of sewing but this year I’d like to push my skills to the next level by being more playful. I want to experiment with my fabric choices, try hacking patterns, using trims and including some of the interesting little constructions details I’ve been collecting for inspiration. Maybe I’ll even get on to a bit of drafting too! I feel 2016 has been successful in terms of sewing garments which I actually love to wear repeatedly so now I’ve found my handmade style I think its time to have some fun with it!



In 2017, I would love to finish my personal minimal wardrobe. I have plan my perfect wardrobe, with few pieces that mix and matches together and I need to sew most of it. To do so, I will use organic or recycled fabrics.
Also, it’s been years since I wanted to learn how to make my own shoes and I purchased a kit last week. I am so looking forward to open it and start making the shoes. It sounds so much fun.
I hope all this will make me reach 0 waist, 0 km. I also wish to apply more daily consciousness in everything I do. Happy new year everyone :))

Elena  – Randomly Happy

I started to sew smarter in the second half of the year – planning my makes a bit more carefully and taking my time enjoying the process (not frantically swearing at the machine trying to finish things in a rush). I’d like to continue that into the new year.
I’d also really love to throw myself into the sewing community a bit more – go to more events, like the brilliant Sewing Weekender. I also realise I don’t get to talk enough about sewing, so hopefully I can arrange a few more meet ups with lovely sewing peeps in the area and beyond. And finally, I’ve really gotten into pattern testing this year and would really like to continue. I really love giving back to the community when I can.

Marcy – Oonaballoona

In 2016, I really started to notice the lack of “everyday” wear in my closet. So I started trying my hand at some casual items, some solid colors, some neutrals…and you know what? (this is not going where you think it is…) I HATED IT. In 2017, I’m going back to basics…which means ignoring basics! I’m not putting a mandate on myself to sew the things I “need.” I’m sewing the things I WANT

Marilla Walker

This year I really really want to sew from my stash more, so no more new fabric….well maybe a little tiny piece if it’s really special 🙂

Charlotte  – English Girl at Home

My first priority for 2017 is my brother’s wedding in February; I’m making myself a dress to wear (I’m planning to use McCalls 7154) and I’m also making my brother’s dog, Rupert, a jacket to wear – in a blue tweed to match my brother’s wedding suit. Other than that, I’m hoping to spend January finishing a cupboard full of sewing and knitting UFOs which have built up over the course of 2016!

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