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Find That Pattern: And Just Like That

The long-awaited return of Sex and the City got me itching to hunt out patterns from the show. Retitled “And Just Like that” the show is back in New York checking in on Miranda, Carrie and Charlotte. Sadly no Samatha – sob sob. Now in their mid-fifties, the show follows them dealing with adult children, becoming a widower and much more. I’ve been on the hunt and found some pretty close pattern matches to my favourite looks from the show.

Credit: Jose Perez/ GC Images

I managed to find all the patterns for the three looks above. For Charlotte’s look, I thought that the Sicily slip dress from Masin would work perfectly for the neckline, but you may need to add some fullness to the skit. For Carrie’s look, I was really pleased with my finding and thought the Lyra dress from Tilly and the Buttons was a really close match. The shirtdress that Miranda was wearing was my hardest hunt but stubbled across the Susan dress from Fibre Mood.

Credit: ©2021 WarnerMedia Direct

For Miranda’s dress in this picture, I thought that the New Look 6413 was a good match if you made version C, and the jumpsuit version of this pattern is great too!

Credit: ©2021 WarnerMedia Direct


I just hunted out Charlottes shirt for this and it’s another New Look pattern the 6676.

Credit: Getty Images


For this fantastic outfit of Carrie’s I focused on looking for something similar to the trousers.  The Mirage Culottes from Camimade would be a good starting point for this as they have many similar features. For the jacket, I thought that the Yanika jacket from Liesl and Co was a pretty perfect match.

Credit: Gotham/GC Images

For this look of Carrie’s, the Ariadna jacket from Vicki Sews a perfect overside blazer pattern. The Winslow culottes from Helens Closet are a very close match for the bottoms.


Credit: Gotham/Getty Images

I love this look and the offset boater is pretty fantastic too. I thought that the Vogue 1633 was a great option if you lowered the neckline.

Credit: HBO

We had a few emails about this look and after hunting high and low I found this jacket that would work well as a starting point it’s the Vogue 9274. You’d need to alter the neckline and some of the buttons but could be a good place to start.


Credit: GC Images

I love this overside blouse that Charlotte wore, I think you could create this by going up a couple of sizes in the Lotte Blouse from Anna Allen.


Credit: HBO

This fab jumpsuit that Miranda wore, has an amazing neckline. As soon as I saw it I thought that the Ailakki jumpsuit from Named Clothing would be a fantastic place to start.


Credit: Getty Images

Hands up if you loved this blouse as much as I did! Luckily Friday Pattern Company came to our rescue on this with the Patina blouse. I thought this was a really close match!


Last but not least.. this fab oversized tailored jacket. Vickisews came to our rescue again with the Martina coat!

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