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New Years Sewing Resolutions 2022

Happy New Year Foldliners! As we step into the new year, you might be ready to dust the cobwebs off your sewing machine and start thinking about your sewing goals for the year. We’ve been chatting to some of the wonderful makers, bloggers, vloggers, designers and podcasters who delivered excellent content at the 2021 Sewing Weekender to find out what their New Year’s sewing resolutions are. There are some good intentions that might inspire your own plans!

Psst! If you are keen to know if the Sewing Weekender will be back in this format for 2022… it just might!

Susan Young – Sew Over 50 Blogger

So 2021 turned out to be quite the year as well didn’t it!! I’m not sure what to think about 2022 but I’d really like to be cautiously optimistic that I can organise a few more Sewcial sewing sessions in my area in the new year. We held three in October and November and everyone who came agreed it was a wonderful way to spend some quality time just sewing together. Sewing is usually a fairly solitary activity so to do it alongside like-minded souls is an absolute treat after far too much-enforced isolation.

Before this was possible I shared regular informal Zoom sewing catch-ups with friends too so if meeting in person isn’t realistic, possible or safe for you then why not try this instead?  If you’re keen to go to a meet-up and there don’t seem to be any happening in your area then don’t wait to be asked or for someone else to do it, organise one of your own, that’s what I had to do!

Being a part of the Sew Over 50 worldwide community has continued to be a massive source of enjoyment and support too so I would really encourage anyone to check it out and join in the conversations. We’re still there plugging away at calling out a lack of age inclusivity within the pattern and sewing industries. Yes it’s definitely improved but there’s always more that could be done and if you’re a pattern brand reading this, have you thought about the buying power you could be alienating by only using young, skinny blondes to model for you? There are fantastically stylish and original older women sewing their own clothes so why not embrace them too?! Finally, I still didn’t get anywhere with the dress pattern I drafted and had graded a year ago either so maybe that will finally take flight in 2022? Here’s hoping…

You can find Susan on Instagram @susanyoungsewing and keep up-to-date with the @sewover50 gang while you’re at it!

Samantha – Purple Sewing Cloud

What a rollercoaster 2021 has been, not all of it has been great for me but there’s still so many moments that have brought me joy and happiness. I’m excited for 2022 and all the fun it will bring, I plan to start designing and sewing my wedding dress, I think it will be a huge task but worth every second to have something incredibly special to wear when I marry the man of my dreams.
On top of all my dressmaking, I’m very passionate about making our sewing world more accessible for sewists with disabilities and chronic health conditions. We’ve made some great steps into this over the last year including sewing machine manufacturers making accessibility information available on their websites and working with pattern companies to make improvements to their instructions for disabled sewists. I will continue this through 2022 with as much energy as I can muster!
Follow @purplesewingcloud on Instagram to see all her gorgeous makes and more!

Nerrisa Pratt – The Bargello Edit

My New Years sewing resolution is to create in a more purposeful way. I feel like being a maker is one of the best things in the world, but sometimes even I marvel at the collection I’ve managed to amass and I really, REALLY need to start working my way through it. So rather than buying new, from now on, I’m going to assess what I have and take on the challenge of ‘making from my stash’, repurposing old garments and materials whilst really taking my time enjoying the challenge of creating without creating waste.
Nerrisa released a fabulous craft book last year: Bargello which is great if you want to add a sofa craft to your repertoire!

Marilla – Marilla Walker Patterns

My sewing resolution would be… to sew more things for fun, especially if using fabrics from my stash. Items of clothing that I will enjoy wearing and will put a smile on people’s faces. I have sewn a lot of functional, but utilitarian garments in the past, but I think it’s time for some humour and frivolity, whilst still being functional of course!
Marilla is pictured in one of her patterns (and one of our faves), the Belemnite Dress.

Asian Sewing Collective Podcast

2021 was the year we formed a team and launched our podcast! In 2022, we’re looking forward to bringing you more podcast episodes that discuss sewing, our relationships to the craft, and of course, identity across the Asian diaspora.
Our team has a few sewing resolutions for the new year: Mariko (@troubleshootingstitcher), one of our producers and editors, would like to reduce her fabric stash by 50%. Esther (@esthermakesadventures), one of our producers and researchers, would like to learn more tailoring techniques and make her own blazer/suit set! Aarti (@osbornesews), one of our producers, researchers and editors, would like to focus more on finesse in sewing, building on all she learned from her mistakes in 2021, and to finally get into garment sewing. Co-host Nicole also wants to use up a significant portion of her fabric stash and says she thinks this will require thinking outside of the box and using new techniques to keep things fresh! Finally, co-host Ada (@i.hope.sew) would like to sew from her fabric stash for as long as possible.
We have been absolutely flattered by the support we’ve received from the sewing community in 2021 and look forward to all that’s in store for 2022!
Do hit subscribe to the wonderful Asian Sewist Collective podcast so you never miss an episode!

Hannah + Rosie – The New Craft House deadstock fabrics and classes

Hannah: To sew more! I’ve found it hard this year to put time aside for sewing so I’m going to make more of a conscious effort to fit it in because it makes me really happy.
Rosie: I’m focussing on slowing down my making. Picking projects which might take me longer but will last hopefully forever! And I’m determined to try quilting in 2022.
The New Craft House is a fabulous place to shop for designer deadstock fabrics or take a class to broaden your sewing skills!

Adaku Parker – Dovetailed

Enormous thanks to everyone who has supported my business in 2021. I am looking forward to continuing to grow in 2022. In particular, I am keen to film more video tutorials and sewing blogs to accompany both my bestselling sewing book: Sewing with African wax print fabric’ as well as the other sewing patterns in the Dovetailed collection.  I absolutely love to sew and I am always excited to see your finished garments on social media.  This year, I took the step towards taking on staff and I now have someone who comes in once a week as well as a small team of others who can provide help when I am at fabric shows.  The sewing patterns designed at Dovetailed are primarily created with African wax print fabrics in mind.  These fabrics often have big bold colourful prints and we love that Dovetailed sewing patterns really allow these beautiful fabric to ‘sing!’  Look out for more Dovetailed London sewing patterns in 2022! Oh, and if I manage to carve out time for personal sewing, well, that will be a bonus!
Have a browse on the Dovetailed shop, it’s packed with African wax print fabrics, sewing patterns, subscription boxes and more!

Charlotte Powell – Charlotte Emma Patterns

There were exciting new things for me in 2021, launching my first two sewing patterns and a digital #StitchAdvent Calendar, and having a pattern featured in Threads Magazine. There were also exciting established things, my SewBrum meet-up took place for the eighth year in a row (I can’t quite believe it, but it’s true) and The Sewing Weekender (in collaboration with The Fold Line) for the sixth year.

Next year I’m hoping for more of the same, sharing more of the patterns and ideas and events I’m excited about with you. Despite this year’s #StitchAdvent Calendar having only just finished, I already have a really fun idea for 2022 which I think you’ll love, but you’ll have to wait until next winter for details!

I attended my first millinery classes in 2021 and am looking forward to continuing to learn and experiment with a new craft this year (and to hopefully recreating lots of frivolous hats from old Hollywood movies). Maybe 2022 will also be the year I finally get to grips with weaving or knit the vintage swimsuit I’ve been dreaming about? We’ll see! Have a very happy New Year x

You can find Charlotte Emma Patterns on our shop!

Rebecca – RevansMerritt

This past year has been quite a rollercoaster personally and although sewing has often been my way to relax and get some me-time, I’ve really neglected my sewing practice the past few months, so in 2022 I’m really looking forward to carving out more time to sew. I have a bit of space at home to make a small dedicated sewing area now, so I think setting that up will help with encouraging me to do bits here and there when I can. I have quite a few projects that are ready to go with fabric and pattern picked out so I’m going to focus on what’s already on my ‘to sew’ list and really try not to get too distracted by new things! Each year I try to work at consuming less, so hopefully working in this way will help towards that goal. I also hope this will be the year I finally set up a website and perhaps get around to making my first sewing pattern. Generally, I hope I will have more of a work-life balance to be able to have more time to focus on sewing and creativity because doing things we love and find fulfilling is so important!

Follow @revansmerritt on Instagram for slow sewing inspiration or more!

Sally – Modista Sewing

2022 has a nice sound to it, doesn’t it? Next year I would like to focus on sewing workwear and am excited to see where that journey goes. I’ve recently completed a course in drafting my own sloper and have lots of ideas of how to hack it into a variety of officewear garments, which I’ll share on my blog and Instagram. Sewing my day to day clothes has been revolutionary for my self-confidence and I can’t wait to wear that feeling to work too!
Secondly, a huge part of my love of sewing is the sense of community. In 2022 I’m excited to build upon my Patreon, a lovely corner of the sewing world which launched in early 2021. Together with nearly 90 amazing members, we’ve enjoyed online sewcials, sewing challenges and interviews with sewists and designers. I’m really grateful for the support the Patreon has received and am looking forward to expanding the group even further in 2022, commissioning new content, meeting new sewists and brands and continuing to share tips and ideas!

Follow @modistasewing on Instagram for sewing inspo and Patreon updates!

Maria – Sew Organised Style Podcast

I had to think about my sewing resolutions for 2022 because it wasn’t top of mind. 2022 is going to bring with it many challenges so my sewing resolution is to make a classic trench coat using coffee bean sack fabric. Or make a classic French jacket using coffee bean sack fabric. I have the fabric and patterns right so one of these sewing ideas will come to fruition. Wishing everyone a joyful New Year.

Do check out the wonderful Sew Organised Style podcast, hit subscribe, and browse the wealth of fabulous episodes that have been!

Sylvia – The Ravel Out

I have 3 main goals for this year:
  1. Learn pattern making
  2. Learn pattern fitting
  3. Focus on making a few “sew frosting” dresses
It is no secret that I am a big fan of hacking patterns to achieve a specific look. As my style evolves and I find myself wanting to make garments with more interesting details, I think understanding pattern making/drafting and construction a little more will go a long way. Small changes can elevate any pattern and I want to be able to do that with more ease. I have joined the Pattern Making Academy founded by Mimi G to help me achieve this goal.
Although I have been sewing for over 6 years, pattern fitting is one area I don’t know much about. I am not one to obsess about the tiniest wrinkle or drag line but I would love to be able to recognize glaring fit issues and be able to identify what needs to be adjusted to make them better. The virtual webinars by By Hand London is one way I plan to achieve this goal. I am also building my sewing books resources to help with that and recently added Cashmerette’s Ahead of the Curve to the collection.
I didn’t sew much during the first half of 2021 and when I started sewing again, I mostly focused on basic pieces that my closet was missing such as tops and outerwear. I completely neglected making some “sew frosting” pieces and I actually regret that. So I am going to make sure I give some love to my favourite garment type – dresses.
Firstly on a professional basis – the past 18 months have been really difficult for sewing schools  with closures and social distancing, rearranging students and looking at new ways to teach.  For me a lot of teaching was online and it was very successful, so for 2022 my aim is to build my teaching online.  I already have my established online Members Club, with weekly online lessons and this I hope to expand next year. I also have my Sew with Alison video books and I have some great topics planned for 2022, so please watch out for this.
On a personal basis my resolution is to finish what I start! As a teacher I hate to waste fabrics, and as many of my Members Club videos feature techniques I quite often cut out a new garment, video a specific technique and then pop it to one side!  Not in 2022. I will finish everything I start!!  Promise.

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