Sew The Trends – Spring


Sew the trends is back for spring! I’ve hit the high street and paired the perfect patterns to this seasons hottest looks. Whether you love a dramatic sleeve or lust after the perfect trench there is something in here for everyone. We talk  fabric colours, prints and much more so settle down and enjoy. It might be my longest video of all time, so grab yourself a cup of tea.

As usual all  the patterns mentioned are below and let us know what is on your sewing list for the coming months…




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1 thought on “Sew The Trends – Spring

  1. Hi Kate,

    just a couple of things, loved the video. Shirring is pronounced like ‘her’ not ‘here’, might help you stop mixing it up with shearling lol.
    At one point I tried to dust my screen with my sleeve and realised it was the dots on your top hahaha


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