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Sewing patterns that use under a metre of fabric!

Ok team… let’s be honest we’ve all amassed a fabric stash, whether a box under the bed, or and entire room, we’ve all got the odd metre kicking about. We thought it would be really fun to gather some of our favourite indie sewing patterns that use a metre of fabric or less. This way we can all make something new, whilst using up our stash. Many of these items are classic wardrobe staples and can be mixed in with your handmade wardrobe and we hope you find something to inspire your next sewing adventure.

We decided to concentrate on womenswear sewing patterns and there are a lot of them that would be fantastic for all sewing levels. Many of these sewing patterns are simple to make so not only will you be stash busting but many of these can be whipped up in an afternoon. Sometimes it nice to take on a quick  project and with the long weekend ahead of us just think how many things we can make!


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