The Ultimate Guide to Fabric Shops in London

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We often get asked about where to find sewing shops in London so we thought we’d bring them all together in one place. We’ve even got maps and shop addresses to download, print off and take with you for fabric shopping travels!

There are lots of sewing and fabric shops in London, so we’ve divided them up into different regions – central, North, South, East and West.

Find fabric shops in central London

The great thing about the central London fabrics shops is that you can find most of them sandwiched pretty close together. If you are heading into central London when you are fabric shopping do go to Berwick Street, it’s one London’s most interesting haunts. It’s a long street with all manner of fabric and haberdashery shops there primarily to host London of College of Fashion’s students. One of our personal favourites is the Cloth House, stuffed full on interesting fabrics and vintage notions you are bound to leave with your bags stuffed full of goodies. Because of the location of these shops the prices of the fabrics are more expensive, but they are also beautifully merchandised. If you are looking for more niche products like long zips or bag hard wear then make sure you head to Kleins as you likely to find what you are looking for.  If you are looking for more elaborate haberdashery items such as feathers or beautiful ribbons then VV Rouleux would be right up your street. You can download our central London map with all the addresses of the fabric shops below.

Download our free guide to finding sewing shops in central London.

Find fabric shops in North London

North London hosts a really interesting and varied selection of fabric shops, you really must go and window shop at is Joel and Son. One of the most beautiful and interesting shops you’ll find with end of line designer fabrics that will have you drooling and wanting to remortgage your house to buy everything, prices start at about £30 per metre and rocket up from there. If your heading North and in London on a weekend then there is fantastic range in Walthamstow. Go to the addresses on the map at the weekend to find a bustling market with lots of bargain fabrics to be had. Insider knowledge is to head to the ‘Man outside Sainsbury’s’ supermarket who has a fabric stall selling really great and really cheap dressmaking fabrics, trust us you won’t be disappointed! You can download our north London map with all the addresses of the fabric shops below.

Download our free guide to finding sewing shops in North London.

Find fabric shops in South London

We both live in South London and we are really well served with fabric shops  – probably because we keep them going as we buy ALL the fabric! A few of our favourites are Sew Over It, you can expect to find a beautifully curated shop and if you love a floral fabric then this is the place to go! It’s got a pretty limited range of haberdashery but the shop is a really inspiring place to spend time – you will leave with fabric! Fabrics Galore is another house favourite, it has a vast range of fabric and spans dressmaking, quilting and home furnishing. If you like Liberty fabrics you can find them here at a much more reasonable prices. If you like to do lots of crafty type things alongside your sewing or dressmaking make sure you head to the Sewing and Craft Superstore – the name says it all.  You can download our south London map with all the addresses of the fabric shops below.

Download our free guide to finding sewing shops in South London.

Find fabric shops in East London

We’ve seen more and more fabric shops opening in East London which is always a pleasure! If you are looking for some specialist haberdashery then head on over to William Gee, they have a vast array of niche products and loads of zips in every length you can imagine. Another great place to head to is Ray-stitch who have just moved to a bigger location. They have a really big range of indie sewing patterns as well as a lot of designer fabrics, alongside a lot of really interesting trimmings and craft products you can’t find anywhere else. You can download our east London map with all the addresses of the fabric shops below.

Download our free guide to finding sewing shops in East London.

Find fabric shops in West London

West London hosts one of London’s most well known areas to go fabric shopping in – Goldhawk Road! We’d advise to go here knowing what you are looking for as it can be quite overwhelming. There are lots of fabrics shops all next to each other and all offering a vast range of fabrics, you can expect to find quilting cottons, wools and suiting, jerseys, viscose, denim, linen.. you name it and you can find it here! There are also shops that stock more specialist dress fabrics as well as a couple of stops stocking Liberty cotton lawn – which is always a delight to stroke! Another thing to note is you tend to get a little more hassle when shopping around here from the shop owners, stay strong and don’t forget you can haggle if you think the price is too much! In West London everything’s up for a bit of negotiation! One of our favourite destinations is the Village Haberdashery as you can find a vast fabric range alongside lots of indie sewing patterns that you can’t but in many places – definitely worth a visit.  You can download our west  London map with all the addresses of the fabric shops below.

Download our free guide to finding sewing shops in West London.

Have we missed off your favourite London fabric shop? Why not add it to our World Map of Fabric shops… it’s always good to know where to go fabric shopping when you are on holiday!

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  1. lzbear

    New addition is Loving the Fabric on Richmond Hill – gorgeous dressmaking fabrics and monthly meet ups; I’ve attended two (of 2) and Gay is delightful.

    Mrs Moon in St Margarets is no longer on Crown Road, according to Google looks like it has relocated but I’ve not seen it personally.

    1. thefoldline Post author

      @annejeanne Hi Anne, yes those are designed by Rachel a few years ago, we have updated them as some of the shops have moved or closed down, and also a bit of a facelift too. Hope you like them!

  2. rockingstitch

    This is so helpful, just in time for my upcoming trip to London next week! Thanks so much for making this!

  3. catdoesit

    Amaaaaze resource, as per use. My two cents: wool and crafts in Finsbury Park is now closed, but others are on seven sisters road: rolls and rems, ultimate crafts (cheap basics with haberdashery and wool and fabric) and kiswah textiles (loads of laces, only fabrics). And I was expecting to see Sew Over It on the North London map 😉

    1. thefoldline Post author

      Gosh thanks @catdoesit and also for the other shops we missed, I will add those on! It’s great to have some local knowledge in that area of London. I did add Sew Over It Islington to the East London map, it’s kind of North East but I get what you mean, it probably makes more sense for it to be on the North London map : )

  4. vicky6

    Hi I checked out the Cloth House Warehouse yesterday and it is amazing , I am making loose covers for two sofas and I bought 13 metres of fabulous upholstery denim for £85 ( I had figured it would cost at least £100 elsewhere). They also threw in some free silk. I have to keep away though as it is so tempting e.g.. Jersey @£3 per metre.

  5. carolinej16

    Hi ladies – these guides are amazing, so helpful!!
    Just to let you know that Alexander Furnishings (#14 on Central London map) in Marylebone has sadly closed down now.

    1. thefoldline Post author

      Hi @carolinej16 We are so glad you like them! Also thanks so much for the update about Alexander Furnishings, I will update the map.

  6. lizzie1978

    This is fantastic, thank you so much for putting together! I’ve just got back into my sewing after a 15 year lull, enjoying it so much although I’m extremely rusty! I already go to the shops on Berwick street but will defo seek out the others. 🙂