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RELEASED today,I Love Stampingis full of Japanese-inspired designs to carve, ink and stamp your fabric and paper. This month we will be doing a few posts around the theme of colouring, dyeing and customising your fabric so to kick us off we are reviewing, hot off the press, I Love Stamping by Ishtar Olivera (published by Quadrille).

what is this book all about

I Love Stamping1

Ishtar’s book is full of fun and simple projects to decorate and customise stationary, gift-wrap and homewares with your own designs. There are 31 projects including a guide to transferring your designs to paper and creating your own stamps. It’s ideal if you are looking for inspiration to add the personal touch to paper and cloth, it also has plenty of projects you could do with children too.

what three phrases best describe this book

I Love Stamping2

All the small things, Story-telling, Decorating

what projects are included

I Love Stamping3

There are 31 stationary, decorating and gift-wrapping projects in total and the book also includes over 100 Japanese-inspired templates to trace and stamp.

Stationary: Fabric card, Koinobori thank you notes, Kokeshi card, Memo pad, Stationary set, Matchbook notepad, Usagui address labels, House envelope, Kawaii party invitations, Mini books, Clutch notebook, Stapled notebook, Accordion folder.

Decorating and gift: Cupcake toppers, Stickers, Washi tape bows, Paper spheres, Forest tags, Cat gift bags, Wrapping paper, Money envelopes, Matchbox wrapping kit, Furoshiki wrapping.

Homewares and craft: Place cards, Kokeshi thread holders, Brooches, Tea bag envelopes, Mini photo album, Japanese candy bags, Rosettes.

who is the book suitable for

I Love Stamping4

Everyone! This book is full of simple projects that anyone can do. It’s also great fun for the family as lots of the projects are ideal for doing with children. If you want to do these projects with children then you’ll need to help or supervise with the carving of the stamps but then you can let their imagination run free and get stamping. The book is beautifully illustrated with quick and inspiring projects. Many of the projects are quite grown up so if you enjoy personalising your gifts and cards for friends and family I think you’ll really enjoy learning how to create your own template stamps.

let's have a browse inside

I Love Stamping5

The book is divided into four main sections: How to create your own stamps, First projects, Stationary and Gift Wrap. It starts off with an introduction to the tools you need for carving and stamping with tips and techniques for the shapes and designs you can create.

I Love Stamping6

I Love Stamping7

The book then moves onto First Projects, listing 10 stamp ideas to get your creative juices flowing. I couldn’t resist showing you these projects, ideal for any sewist – Kokeshi thread holders and fabric cards!

I Love Stamping8

The next chapter focuses on Stationary projects with lots of ideas for letter writing. In the digital age the art of letter writing is getting lost, I can’t remember the last time I received a hand written letter. How lovely would it be if it looked like this?

I Love Stamping9

This is one of my favourite projects as I had never thought of making tea bag envelopes before. Most of my friends and family are big tea drinkers so i’m definitely going to create some lovely paper tea bags to send them interesting flavoured teas!

I Love Stamping10

I was also quite taken with these simple paper spheres. It’s a great way to use up nice paper scraps to decorate your office or sewing space.

I Love Stamping11

The final section of the book has gift wrapping projects. I’m tempted to create my own sewing themed stamps and print miniature cotton reels on paper!

I Love Stamping12

If you have any plain scraps of fabric why not give Furoshiki wrapping a try? Furoshikis are traditional pieces of cloth used in Japan to wrap gifts and carry things.

Final thoughts: If you like being creative with paper and fabric and want quick and simple projects then this book is ideal. It’s also a good introduction if you’ve never tried stamping before because the book comes with a complete tools list, beginners projects and over 100 templates and stamps you can trace and use for your own projects. It’s ideal crafting for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

The author Ishtar Olivera is an illustrator, designer and photographer and has been stamping since she was young. She teaches craft workshops online and in person and you may have spotted her in publications such as Mollie Makes. Visit her blog hereto find out more.

I Love Stamping by Ishtar Olivera(Quadrille) Photography: Ishtar Olivera

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