Book Review: Work to Weekend Wardrobe by Rachel Pinheiro

This week on the blog I do a full book review of the Work to Weekend Wardrobe by Rachel Pinheiro. We take a deep dive into what you can expect to find in the book as well as talk you through the patterns included. As we are all currently spending a lot more time near our machines we thought this might be something you’d like in your life over the coming weeks and months. I don’t know about you but I keep thinking – thank god for sewing!

The book itself comes with six dressmaking patterns as well as a rucksack pattern. The premise of the book is that were you to make all of the projects in the book they would take you from the working week through to the weekend. Each of the patterns come with variations too, so there is quite a lot of bang for your buck.

Each pattern is set to a day of the week and I really liked that all the outfits were shot on different models so you got an idea of how they looked on different bodyshapes. The layout of the book is really pleasing, not too cluttered, simple and stylish. One thing I really liked were the instruction and drawings, they are nicely laid out and easy to follow.

This book is aimed at an intermediate maker, someone who has got a few makes under their belts. The start of the book is a treasure trove of  information, everything from sewing pleats to mitred pockets. Alongside that there is a great problem solving chart for fit issues which I found really interesting.  The patterns are included with the book and are at the back, they are overlapped so you will need to trace off your projects like with most other sewing books.

So if you feel like a little treat to yourself or a sewing pal then I think you would enjoy a week in Rachel’s world.

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