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The Brand Edit: Toast

Having spent some time this weekend knee-deep in the Toast changing rooms trying on their winter offerings I started to ponder patterns.  We have often had requests for patterns from Toast and I thought it might be fun to see if some of the styles that I fell in love with were available as sewing patterns. I’ve collated 10 looks and paired them with patterns and I’m not one to toot my own horn but I think I’ve found some great options.

Watch the video for the full run down and all the patterns are listed below.

Image Copyright: Toast

First up we have an oversized coat, I loved the big statement pockets. It was made out of a really heavy wool with a beautiful lining. The Modern Sewing Company Darcy coat is a great option, such a similar shape the only tweak I’d add is enlarging the patch pockets on the front.

Image Copyright: Toast

Toast do a workwear jacket very well, and this season I fell for this sandy number. It’s such a useful item for your wardrobe as you can wear this all year round. At this time of year, I wear mine as a layering piece with a coat over the top. The Friday Pattern Company Ilford jacket is perfect for this. To match the collar it would involve adding a curve to the pattern piece. A simple change but might be worth doing a test before you cut it out in the final fabric.

Image Copyright: Toast

This shirt is another shape they repeat year on year and I have a very old version of this that I live in and have been thinking about making my own. The Wardrobe by Me Sille is almost a perfect match.

Image Copyright: Toast

If you are feeling like you want to sew something cosy then look no further. This oversized jumper with wide sleeves was so gorgeous. I thought the Big Easy top from the Maker’s Atelier was a good match and a speedy make too.

Image Copyright: Toast

The cardigan of dreams… I wanted this in every colour. Cropped, slouchy but not too slouchy, and would look good with most items in your wardrobe. The True Bias Marlow could work perfectly with a couple of tweaks. First up leave off the buttons and secondly, I’d add a bit of shaping into the bottom of the sleeve to create the bell shape.

Image Copyright: Toast

I’ve got this pair of trousers in linen, I live in them and have to say was very tempted by this checked pair. I’ve been meaning to look up a pattern for this and was DELIGHTED to find the Sew Me Something Nell trousers. The key to these trousers is having an elasticated waistband that is flat across your tummy and you still get the joy of the expandable waistline.

Image Copyright: Toast

These super chunky cord trousers felt like I was wearing pyjamas. I really loved the shape of these as soon as I saw them I thought gosh there must be a pattern for these. The Anna Allen Pomona are a very similar proportion and have the statement waistband.

Image Copyright: Toast

I feel like a pinafore dress is a shape that Toast do extremely well. I really loved the silhouette of this dress  and feel it’s something that would slip into your wardrobe with ease. The Sew Me Something Perdita was a very close match with the buttons down the side, the only tweak would be to alter the neckline.

Image Copyright: Toast

This dress shape is released season after season so I’m assuming it must be one of their most popular styles. I can see why, it’s easy to wear and would work for winter and summer. I was delighted to find the Matchy-Matchy Horizon dress as it really is the perfect pattern to recreate this shape.

Image Copyright: Toast

This super costcord jumpsuit was epic to wear, a paired-down take on a boiler suit. The Merchant and Mills Thelma would be a great pattern to recreate this look. Although it’s got more details on it with the pockets etc, it would be easy to leave some of these off.

I really hope you enjoyed this and let us know if you’d like to see more of them.

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14 thoughts on “The Brand Edit: Toast

  1. Thank you so much for this fantastic edit! This landed right in the sweet spot of my own personal Venn diagram of delight where Toast, Merchant & Mills/Cloth House textiles, and Kate vlogs intersect. As I already own more patterns than I will ever have time to make in my lifetime, most of them bought from you guys, I tried to restrain myself and only bought the Nell trousers, but there are so many great ideas here. I love this brand-specific deep dive and can’t help wondering if you had to clear this with Toast first or if you’re just covering yourselves with Fair Use? I should imagine Toast are kind of thrilled in a way as sewing imitation is the best kind of flattery and their branding these days is very much about mending and hand making as well as spending a few hundred quid on their quality products. Anyway, bravo! Please do Gabriela Hearst and Phoebe Philo next. And can someone search through Ravelry to find a knitting pattern for that cardigan that would be as good a match if not better than sewing one using the Marlo.

    1. Hello Leslie
      Of course nothing identical but the following two patterns that I have ( on ravelry) are
      Flaum by Justyna Lorkowska
      Calm down cardigan by Lily Kate France.
      They remind me of the Toast cardigan. Ravelry also have a group called Pattern Dectectives . They maybe able to help
      Good luck
      Helen Gray

      1. Thanks so much!

    2. Look at Isabell Kraemer’s patterns and Ankestrick’s. Both have lots of open cardigans in that shape, at various gauges.

  2. I loved this! Toast is a favorite store of mine but I don’t always buy because of the prices. I’m excited to try to recreate some of their items. Another store I’d love to see in a post like this is Margaret Howell. I love her silhouettes, especially the structures shirts made up in poplin.

  3. Love this idea, thank you. I love Toast but I also love ME + EM another brand that is way out of my price range I sometimes manage to buy things in the sales but even then they are still pricey. This summer I went made and bought a dress which was over £100 in the sale. When I analised it I realised it was really Dear and Doe Myosotis meets Tilly and the Buttons Lyra. I love the smart casual, comfortable look of ME & EM so please make this your next project. By the way the list could go on forever!!!!

  4. Much of the appeal of the Toast blouse is that bold check perfectly matched across raglan seams. Atelier Jupe Olivia Blouse is pretty much a dead ringer, you would only have to extend the button placket to be full length, rather than henley style to make a perfect match.

  5. I love Toast for the style and quality, but mainly because of the fit. Even their ‘oversized’ clothes fit where they need to (for me, that’s at the shoulders). Like others, I can’t afford their clothes these days so I was looking forward to watching this video…
    The Toast garment I’d most like to replicate is that coat with its raglan sleeve. You’ve picked drop-shoulder pattern. Is that because you couldn’t find a raglan one?
    I find drop shoulder garments often look like sacks on me (rather than stylishly oversized) so I’d love to know if there is a suitable raglan coat pattern out there.
    Your pattern picks for the jacket and red dress (both of which I might consider replicating) are also drop shoulder where the Toast garment has a fitted shoulder.

    1. Just a thought: the Assembly Line Car Coat….

    2. Merchant and Mills have the September coat pattern which is raglan. Their dress patterns tend to be oversized with a neat shoulder fit.

  6. Brilliant idea and really helpful. I agree Toast clothes are lovely but soo expensive. I often wonder if there is an outlet for their fabrics. Please find another company to use for pattern matching.

  7. And again, thanks so much!

  8. I know it’s not winter seasonal, but I am obsessed with replicating the Lydia dress. The French dart to in seam pocket move and subtle cocoon shaping are chef’s kiss perfection. Any suggestion that nod in the direction would be appreciated.

    Thank you for this fun edit and the great suggestions

  9. Thanks for the video. The pattern and fabric suggestions has mad me re-think some of my future projects. Keep the videos coming.

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