What to Sew in 2020, planning, plotting and more planning

How to plan your makes in 2020… where do you even start?

The beginning of the year arrives and everyone starts planning what they are going to make. I like a few weeks to ponder my choices and let the dust settle. One thing that focuses the mind is the instagram Make Nine challenge, that has been going so long that I can’t remember a year starting without it! It’s simple, you start the year selecting 9 patterns that you want to make and come the end you see how many you actually made. It’s just for fun and if you need some focus then it’s a great starting point. I realised that I only made three things last year, you can see these below and I definitely want to change this for 2020.

Deer and Doe  – Mytosis Dress , By hand London  – Hannah Dress, Named Clothing  – Helmi Top

If we start with the make nine as the base then we’ll end us with 9 great patterns and for anyone thinking they want to make more, then just add them in. Anyone who missed our newsletter should know that we have a discount code until the end of the month with 10% off all sewing patterns use the code: SEW2020 at the checkout if you fancy treating yourself.

Right it’s time to address the wardrobe, head to your bedroom and look at what you have already. We want to make things that compliment what’s there already.  This might also flag wardrobe holes that need filling. Having looked at mine I’ve got about 20% handmade and the rest ready to wear. I’d like to get this up to 30% handmade, replace things that I either don’t wear anymore or have been fixed so many times it’s time to let them go.


Tried and Tested Patterns:

Everyone has patterns in their collection that they have made a few times. I like starting the year making something you’ve made already. You don’t have to worry about fit because you’ve done the hard work already, you also know you’ll wear it. If I get something successful under my belt then I’m more inspired to make more! I thought I’d share some of my favourite tried and tested sewing patterns..

Helmi Tunic – Named Clothing

I’m sure you’ve heard be ramble on about the Helmi, I’ve made a few of these and it’s my most worn pattern by a mile. So what’s great about it? It’s a simple relaxed fit, the bust darts add just the right amount shaping but not too much. The seam line at the waist makes adding the shirt placket a dream. If you haven’t made a shirt before this is a fantastic starting point.

Linden Sweatshirt  – Grainline  Studio

Ahh the Linden – Hands up who’s made one of these before, I’ve got about three of them on constant rotation! The raglan sleeve makes it so easy and quick to do, and I like that it’s a relaxed fit. I can make this from start to finish in an hour and if your new to sewing with stretch – it’s another great one to start with!

Core Makes:

These are the patterns that have been on the lust list for a while. We can’t make them all but it’s time to select to select a few of the patterns that make your heart flutter but also that you think you’ll wear a lot. I’ve picked a few patterns that are on my list… still haven’t narrowed then down yet but there is still time!

Stretch Yourself:

Ok so we’ve got a couple of tried and tested classics under our belts, a couple of must makes, now to think about the big sewing conquests. Whether that’s tackling outerwear, a pair of jeans, a dress or a shirt. You only get better if you push yourself. The key to pushing yourself is preparation.. one tip I’ve picked up is cut out your garment the day before you want to make. It means you start fresh, trust me it’s a game changer. I’ve got some lovely patterns that might just make it into your Make 9.

Stash Busting:

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room.. our stash. A lot of us have more fabric than we’d like in our lives. The best way to make space is to use it up. I don’t know about you but I often discover something I’d completely forgotten about. Get it out, go through it and pull out a shortlist of fabrics you love. Keep them in a place that’s easy to access and revisit regularly and if you wanted some patterns to use up smaller lengths all these patterns use around 1-1.5m of fabric…

So if you’ve picked a few patterns from each section, you must be nearly at nine patterns. Are you surprised by what you chose? We hope you enjoy planning your make this year. if the make nine isn’t for you then I hope there was one pattern you thought… well I might just make that!

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