Sewing patterns to make for Christmas presents

Let’s be honest, in September we all thought ‘this year I am going to hand make all my presents’ and here we are mid way through December and not many have been made! At this point where do you even start?! Fear not pals, call me Santa, I’ve made a run down of simple sewing patterns to make gifts for loved ones. I’ve split them into sections to make them all easier for you, all the patterns featured are also PDFs so you can buy them and instantly get them delivered to your inbox! We really hope that there is something in here for everyone and saved you the leg work. For those of you that really cannot be bothered to print out the patterns, there is still the option to get copyshop printing done within the UK. The last posting date for guaranteed UK delivery for us in the 18th December.

So now all that is left to do is raid the stash, pop on some festive music and fire up the sewing machine…


Finding sewing patterns for men is something that is thankfully becoming easier as the indie designers are really starting to produce fantastic patterns. We’ve really concentrated on sewing patterns that you can make in a few hours rather than a whole day. If we had started earlier.. we’d have made ‘that shirt’ but for now let’s focus on something that ticks the box and they’ll love wearing. I’ve made ties for all the men in my family and I have to say they really are a big hit.. and really do only take an hour or so!


It’s so easy to pick a sewing pattern for oneself but when you are faced with friends and family, it’s often hard to know about sizing. We’ve got a few patterns in there that are be less size specific, so if you’re concerned about that then the Cape Cod Capelet is a fantastic option as well as the Dust Cross apron – which is also free!!


There is a fantastic mix of stuff in this section from bags to accessories, most of the items in here are unisex and we are sure you’ll find something you love or at least a starting point for that tricky family member you’re not sure what to make them.

Children’s Clothes:

Making clothing fo children is an absolute delight. Firstly they are fantastic for using up left over fabric and if you printing out the PDF they really aren’t very many pages to stick together. The other fantastic thing is you can get one pattern and make it for lots of children, I like to batch make a few of the same thing at the same time as it really does speed the process up.

Children other:

If you don’t fancy making clothing and worried about getting the sizing right – why not make something that that can play with? We’ve got some lovely patterns for toys and other fun things to keep them entertained over the festive period.

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