The most comfortable bra ever

A review of Waves & Wild Superstar Bra

Reviewed by Hannah on 30th December, 2022

I have made two Superstar bras, both from bamboo jersey.  They’re so comfortable!!  Seriously, they’re quite probably the most comfortable bra I’ve ever owned.

As with all W&W instructions I’ve experienced, they’re written really well and contain a lot of necessary detail.  I was careful to read the sizing instructions before picking up the scissors.  The straps don’t slip off my shoulders, which is a huge win for me.

Bamboo jersey is a great pairing for this bra as it’s very soft on the skin.  I made the version with the band made from my main material, so this bra is more about comfort than support.  There are instructions on how to make with foam cups (potential swimming top??!) and with more supportive bands for options.

Here’s a picture of me looking pleasantly surprised at how comfy I am :o)