Durban jumpsuit by Megan Nielsen

A review of Megan Nielsen Durban Jumpsuit and Romper

Reviewed by @seams_sew on 24th February, 2022

I made the Durban Jumpsuit by Megan Nielsen in a patterned linen fabric from Guthrie and Ghani. I was initially drawn to the orange long sleeved linen version on the pattern cover but then this fabric caught my eye and I decided to go for a more summery version.

The first decision what what option to make, looking closely at the pattern shows that there are SO MANY options its mind boggling, two neckline options, three sleeves options, narrower or wider legs, two length options plus another ‘tall’ length, no belt or two belt options, inseam and/or patch pockets……Anyway I finally settled for wide legs, short sleeves and the V neck with a belt and patch pockets front and back.

The first page of the instructions tells you to measure for the crotch length of the finished garment and how to adjust the pattern accordingly. I am just over 5’7″ and following the instructions I needed to add 3.6cm to the body length for a comfortable fit (there are few things worse than not being able to bend over or sit down comfortably in a jumpsuit !) I made the recommended adjustment and it turned out perfectly. Helpfully there are adjustment lines both on the top and bottom pieces of the pattern to achieve this.

The instructions are absolutely exemplary, everything is clearly illustrated and explained and there were no head scratching moments at all.

My only problem came because I pattern matched the pockets which, due to the nature of the pattern on the fabric took up such lot of fabric that I didn’t have quite enough for the tie belt I had planned so had to go for the slightly shorter D ring version.

I am beyond pleased with my finished garment and my youngest daughter has asked to ‘try it on’ (this usually means she whisks the item out of my wardrobe and into hers) perhaps I’d better get going and make her one of her own. The shorts version would look very nice on her…

I would highly recommend this pattern.