Delicious – Nova Coat & Jacket

A review of Papercut Patterns Nova Coat and Jacket

Reviewed by Pickyyy on 27th August, 2022

I planned this coat for well over a year before making it because I expected to mess it up. But the end result makes me really happy. Maybe waffle cotton is an odd choice for a coat, but I don’t mind. The lining was an old maxi dress that I never wore. And the ‘good egg’ KATM label seemed appropriate.

After reading tons of other people’s reviews I made a toil in the smallest size and then went one size up in the end.  I’m not that small (B40, W32, H40) so I was too scared to make the smallest size, but I probably could have done.  This fit is generous but it’s cold up north so I’ll likely be wearing jumpers underneath.

I added some big hook-and-bar closures to the front edges so the coat can be closed, and I think I’ll also add a chain to hang it up at the back.

Despite having very interesting pattern pieces, this didn’t take too long to make.  Bagging out the lining was really enjoyable, once I’d sewn the left lining to the left sleeve, rather than the other way round – briefly making some sort of egg yolk coloured straight jacket.

I think I’ll make another one in due course, maybe the shorter length, maybe coloured blocked, since I’ve seen some lovely versions made by other people.