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Isla Trench Coat

Review by Georgia W
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Heavyweight Cotton / Twill / Gabardine
All weekend or longer

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The Isla Trench coat is a really great pattern, whilst it’s a real challenge to make and takes a long time, it’s well worth the effort. I made my version is cotton twill, and lined it in Liberty Tana Lawn, in a size 10.

As with all Named Patterns, you have to trace the pattern and add the seam allowance, and as there are 24 pieces to the pattern this alone takes a long time, the cutting and prepping of the fabric is also a day long job. After this lengthy process the construction of the coat isn’t much more difficult than other Named Clothing jacket/coat patterns. There are a few tricky bits – like the collar belt and loops, but if you’ve sewn shirts before you should have too much trouble.

The hardest bit for me was the vent at the back, where the instructions were a bit vague, but still it wasn’t that hard, and I did it okay first time.

I would highly recommend this pattern, I love it. The only alterations I made were to the length, I took it up 2 inches to the mid-calf, but could perhaps have taken it up even further.


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