Out of print sewing patterns

Out of print sewing patterns

If you are searching for a sewing pattern and have arrived at this page on The Fold Line, it is likely the sewing pattern you are looking for is no longer in print. Dressmaking patterns go out of print for lots of reasons. This includes the pattern not being printed for a new season, the pattern wasn’t as popular as others in the range or the company printing it is no longer designing. This can be frustrating if you’ve spent time searching for that perfect make to discover that the pattern you love is no longer available. Here we have a few ideas of how you can plan a new project or search out that allusive sewing pattern.

Looking for sewing pattern inspiration?

We are a sewing pattern shop and online sewing community. In fact you could say that we are the one stop shop for all your dressmaking pattern needs! You can expect to find lots of inspiration for your next make and catch up on all the latest sewing news on our sewing blog and vlog. You can use our pattern finder tool to search over 10,000 patterns plus read lots of sewing pattern reviews from the community. We are big supporters of independent pattern designers and many of the sewing patterns in our database are available to buy. We sell both paper and PDF sewing patterns, shipping worldwide.

If you are looking for a new sewing project, browse our shop of sewing patterns here.


Other places to look for out of print sewing patterns

It’s always worth searching for sewing patterns on third party selling sites such as Ebay, Etsy and Amazon. Alternatively attending swaps at sewing group meet ups, browsing car boot sales and charities shops you can discover a bargain! You can also try asking in our Facebook group, where over 10,000 friendly makers will be happy to help you!