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Top 10 Dungaree Indie Sewing Patterns

Today we are talking dungaree sewing patterns. If you are reading this I’m assuming you are in the camp that loves them as much as I do. As someone who doesn’t wear dresses that much I find these a great alternative. We have rounded up some of the sewing communities favourites so you can find your perfect pair to sew!

The Otis Overalls from Sew Liberated:

The Otis overalls from Sew Liberated are an awesome pattern. They feature a wide wide leg and cross over straps, don’t be fooled by the simple front, as they have it all going on at the back with this super gathered tie feature.

Sizing: 6-34

Pattern format: Paper & PDF with optional copyshop printing

Heyday Dungarees from Waves & Wild:

The Heyday dungarees from Waves & Wild are the sewing communities favourite sewing pattern by far. We think it’s because of the relaxed fit, meaning you can whip them up in an afternoon.

Sizing: 6-34

Pattern format: PDF with optional copyshop printing

Greta Dungarees from Made my Wardrobe:

The Greta dungarees from Made my Wardrobe is another pattern that has it all going on at the back. We love the interesting wrap and tie feature. They are perfect if you planning on eating a big meal as you can expand them at any point! They a re a simple construction and you’ll have less fitting issues due to the tie feature.

Sizing: 6-24

Pattern format: PDF with optional copyshop printing

Greer Dungarees from Hey June Handmade: 

The Greer dungarees from Hey June Handmade are a fantastic option if you are fair new to sewing. Their simple construction means you can have them sewn up in no time. The pattern features a centre front seam, patch pockets and tie straps. There are actually very few pattern pieces for this make.

Sizing: 8-28

Pattern format: PDF with optional copyshop printing

Jenny Overalls from Closet Core Patterns:

The Jenny overalls from Closet Core Patterns is one of my favourite dungaree sewing patterns. These are a more involved make but the finished piece will be fantastic. They feature a wide leg, waistband and interesting slanted pockets on the bib. You can also make them into trousers too, so spending time getting the fit spot on will mean you can make a perfectly fitting pair of trousers in no time.

Sizing: 6-20

Pattern format: Paper

Yanta Overalls from Helen’s Closet: 

The Yanta overalls from Helen’s Closet are another fantastic option if you are new to sewing. They are a firm favourite within the sewing community. The pattern features a classic bib front, relaxed fit trousers and optional patch pockets.

Sizing: 6-30

Pattern format: PDF with optional copyshop printing

The Constance Overall from Fibre Mood: 

The Constance overalls from Fibre Mood are probably the closest to the original denim dungarees your mum wore in the 80s. The have three buttons at the wait on either side, a pocket on the bib and classic buckle fastenings. There is lots of top stitching on this pattern so you’ll be a pro by the time you’ve finished.

Sizing: 6-28

Pattern format: PDF with optional copyshop printing

Burnside Bibs from Sew House Seven:

The burnside bibs from Sew House Seven are another cult classic the sewing community. The pattern features a low cut bib, crossover straps at the back and a gathered back with tie feature. This can actually be tied at the front of back depending on what you fancy.

Sizing: 6-34

Pattern format: PDF with optional copyshop printing

McCalls 8008:

The McCalls 8008 have a 70s feel to them, there is a lot going on but we love them. The pattern features a zipped front, pockets on the bust, waistband a wide legged trousers. There is also a fantastic blouse that comes with this pattern so make sure you check that out too.

Sizing: 6-22

Pattern format: Paper

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