Wealthy Widow Dress

A review of Vogue Dress V1627


Reviewed by Kristin.makes.stuff on 27th October, 2019

This dress came into being from a snarky comment I left on Instagram after The Fold Line posted a photo of this pattern, which then got read by Kate on one of her vlogs. Several weeks later, I now have my perfect outfit for drinking martinis while being a mysteriously wealthy widow.

I cut a size Large, as I wanted the drama of lots of volume and I have a large waist relative to my bust/hip. Constructing the dress was not too difficult, however the fabric choice made it harder than it probably would have been if I hadn’t been using chiffon. There are not very many pattern pieces, and the top portion is actually cut as one large piece. Of note, the pattern pieces are HUGE – they took up most of the floor in my tiny apartment – so something to keep in mind if you don’t have a very large cutting mat. There is a place marked to shorten the bodice if needed – I shortened the bodice ~1 inch and could have done another inch or so. I omitted the lining to achieve the floaty look I was going for, so I cannot comment on that part of the construction.

Fantastic pattern if you need a dramatic gown that is 80% sleeve and/or if you will be haunting any mansions and need appropriate ghostly attire.