Vogue dress 2903

A review of Vogue Vintage Dress V2903


Reviewed by Katho on 3rd November, 2015

I love this pattern, as usual with vogue, the fit is gorgeous. I am a J-cup bra, yet only needed a relatively small FBA adjustment with this, so great for all the curvy ladies out there! I made this in a soft poly-satin which draped beautifully, however it does seem to eat fabric, my size (20 on the packet) requiring 7 meters! The instructions are relatively easy to follow, however due to techniques it recommends (especially with the pleats and the interesting neckline) I would say this is more of an intermediate pattern. I ended up doing a basic double fold hem as it was going to be hidden by some sequins (100’s of individually sewn sequins was such a great idea when I first started….), however if you are not embellishing the hem I would take the time to draft a 2 piece hem and hand sew this with an invisible stitch for the best look.
Overall I can’t wait for an excuse to make another of these!