The perfect wrap dress

A review of Elodie Wrap Dress

Reviewed by Love, Lucie on 13th September, 2021

Love, love, love this!!

This is the Closet Core Elodie wrap dress made for my holiday.

I made the midi length. I’m 5 ft3.

I made a size 10 but graded to a 12 at the waist and back in to a 10 at the hip.

I was pushed for time, so I didn’t bother with a toile and my linen like fabric was very cheap.

It fits like a glove and is so comfortable to wear.

The pleats give it more form, providing room for the bust without gapping.

You’ll notice I didn’t bother with pattern matching! The print was far too big to bother.

I left it hanging on my mannequin for a few days and the side seams in the skirt did indeed drop by a couple of inches, so well worth the wait.

The instructions were a joy to follow.

There’s more detail and images on my blog