Super Sizzling Saguaro Set!!

A review of Friday Pattern Company Saguaro Set

Reviewed by MingMakes on 14th October, 2022

It took me a few months to finish this set with the lovely excuse that holidays got in the way, and I did just manage to finish it hours before a trip to Barcelona. It’s not the kind of thing I would usually go for and I hesitated because of the midriff but it barely shows and feels so chic to wear. 

I didn’t add the ties to the top as the overlap seemed OK but it does gape a little when I’m sitting down. I’d think of using some breast tape to help keep it secure. If making it again, I might increase the overlap as described in their post here:

The trousers have been worn with many other things and are a firm wardrobe staple.

I used linen from Merchant & Mills 185 range in Calamine:

My fitting for the top:

Based on the size chart, for the top I was S for bust, M for waist but I graded out to M for the shoulders as I have quite wide shoulders and a larger upper than full bust measurement. 

I ended up with a lot of excess fabric around the back so I pinched a large amount out of the shoulder (5cm on each of the front and back), going to nothing at the neck. I took an even 5cm from the tip of the shoulder down the sleeve. This made for an odd shaped pattern piece but looked absolutely fine on the garment. I made a separate blog post that details my adjustments for the top and photos of my toiles:

My fitting for the trousers:

For the trousers, I matched M for the hips, but then graded to S down the legs as I found them a bit voluminous. 

I used the Palmer/Pletsch tissue-fitting method which worked quite well for these since it was the first time I’d fitted trousers, and of course there was good leeway in the loose fit. 

I added 3.5cm to the length as I preferred them full length rather than skimming the ankle.

Full details of how I fit the trousers in another blog post here:

If making it again I might:

– Leave a wider opening to insert the waistband elastic. They suggest leaving a 5cm opening but I found I was stretching the fabric at the opening, since the elastic is 5cm wide and so fairly stiff.

– Add stay tape to the wrap section of the top to help prevent it stretching since it is on the bias.

– Reinforce the pocket openings with interfacing as they get used A LOT!

– Reinforce the crotch with a double layer of stitching

I’d consider making another set in a more drapey fabric for a different look, but I can also see myself making another pair of linen trousers as they are super comfy and stylish.

This is a fabulous set to wear, and I think makes me look taller (I’m 5’4”) because of the proportions of the cropped top and long trousers. It is begging to be worn on holiday! I have a more detailed review of the top:

and the trousers:

and each links into the fitting posts mentioned above.