Super quick and gorgeous

A review of Named Taika Blouse Dress

Reviewed by Emma Walton on 23rd July, 2022

Ok I fully admit I only bought this patter for the name (as a huge Taika Waititi fan) BUT it’s gorgeous and perfect for summer. I made it out of a beautiful, filet viscose crepe which makes the whole thing lively and cool in the heat. I needed to grade between a size 22 bust and 26 waist but as the bust is gathered into the wait I just cut the two parts out at their respective sizes and gathered them less (wouldn’t recommend this for more a difference of immoral than two sizes) I also added an extra button to the top as it had a bit too much boob on show but that’s just personal preference. The elastic on the arms gives you a set measurement but this was too tight for me so I just put in elastic that fit comfortably and it was fine. I couldn’t believe how quickly the dress sewed up. It took me less than a day from cutting out the pattern to completion (minus the hem as o let the dress hang overnight in case the bias dropped). When o tried it on the dress fit like a glove. I have never had a pattern fit so well with zero adjustments. Overall a fab pattern and there will be plenty more on my future.