Such a versatile pattern, with options for detail

A review of Sew Liberated Hinterland Dress

Reviewed by Hannah on 30th December, 2022

I was surprised to see that this pattern doesn’t have many reviews.  Looking at the hashtag online, it’s SUCH a popular dress, and for good reason.  With that in mind, I’ve nipped on The Fold Line to shout about it a little bit because I think it’s such a good wardrobe staple.

The Hinterland is smart/stylish yet comfortable, has great instructions and POCKETS.  I’ve linked my blog post below, which is mainly about the details of my latest Hinterland.

I like the bodice button placket, but there is an option for a full button placket.  I also put the waist ties in because I like that silhouette on my body.

In terms of adjustments, I did a full bicep adjustment (standard for me), which results in a slight gathered sleeve head.  I’m sure I could flatten this out, but I like it.

I’ve made versions out of crepe, viscose and cotton velvet, but the world is your (woven) oyster with this pattern!

The Devil is in the Details