Statement Sleeves – Adding drama to my life!

A review of Adrienne Blouse

Reviewed by SewSarahSmith on 6th December, 2020

Love this pattern! It’s a super simple, super quick sew – the bodice piece is same for front and back. it’s designed to have a fitted bodice and statement, billowy sleeves. I cut out a whopping 6″ from my sleeves since I didn’t want to have difficulty shrugging a coat over the top of them or forever be catching them on door handles etc! The sleeve pattern piece has the cut line marked, so it’s easy to add or remove as much ‘statement’ as you like from them. The instructions say it’s a cropped bodice – it’s designed for a 5.6″ body, I’m 5.3″ and was really happy with the not o cropped length on me without adjustments. The sleeves are finished with elastic but I might do a third version with long cuffs too. I made both of mine using jersey printed onto a white base cloth, I talk in more detail over on my blog about how I dealt with that to avoid the dreaded ‘white-out’.

Overall, I really rate this pattern and know I’ll be reaching for it again.