Sofia Top

A review of Victory Patterns Sofia Dress and Top

Reviewed by gail.felker on 4th February, 2021

I absolutely loved learning a new skill…. shirring! I had never tried it before but discovered it was quite fun. The directions on the pattern are nice and clear. The fit, however, gave me fits.

I cut out a size 14, which fit my measurements, according the instructions. I tried it on in stages (HIGHLY recommended!) and so before I put on the straps and sleeves I realized the peplum looked like a tutu on me. I took in about a half inch on each side and ADDED TEN MORE ROWS OF SHIRRING! Yes, it was just too much fun… but the result was that the tent-looking top shrunk in a little and hugged my figure a little better. The other problem was that it looked like a crop top on me, so I added a wide lace on the bottom. I was pleased with the results.

If I were to make it again, I would use a more flowy fabric. I thought I was using a lightweight cotton but it was still a little too stiff. Linen could be fabulous!

All in all, this was a fun pattern but NOT for beginners. If you are confident about making adjustments then give this pattern a try.