Sofia dress for a winter wedding

A review of Victory Patterns Sofia Dress and Top

Reviewed by @seams_sew on 3rd December, 2020

I’d first seen the Sofia dress on one of the Foldline new pattern vlogs and immediately thought it would be ideal for my nephew’s December wedding although I don’t think I’ll get to go now due to restrictions but never mind. I made my version in a beautiful Atelier Jupe viscose from Lamazi fabrics. There are several sleeve options with this pattern and also the option to add a sleeve piece to cove bra straps. This long sleeved version only has four pattern pieces, two identical sleeves, two identical top pieces, and two identical skirt pieces and pockets so you could theoretically wear the dress either way round. The instructions are very clear indeed and each step is well explained, there are also video tutorials. Unfortunately I REALLY struggled with the shirring despite the clear explanation and consulting multiple youtube videos hence the sleeve shirring is short 6 rows as I had completely lost the will to live by then. However I am pleased with the outward appearance of the finished dress (as long as no-one ever looks at the inside of the shirring) and will wear it to the wedding reception in autumn 2021.