Simplicity Men’s & Boys Shirts and Pants 4760

A review of Simplicity Men/Boys Shirts and Trousers S4760

Reviewed by stitchinginspace on 19th October, 2018

I made View B in a men’s size small. Fabric is a quilting cotton which worked fine. This was my first collared shirt and I had to make a lot of adjustments to achive the style I actually wanted. The pattern as is has a LOT of ease and would have been very stylish in the late 90s.

To get a more fitted look I removed 3 inches from the both the length and width. The sleeves are shortened by two inches and width removed there as well to remove ease. I also modified the collar to give it a more modern shape. It is slimmed down and the points are less pronounced. Finally, I skipped the top button and the accompanying tab the pattern calls for. Instead that area of the shirt is pressed. Next time I will use a standard button hole at the top of the collar.

This pattern is fine and now that I’ve made all the adjustments to it I will use it again. However, there are probably better ones to start with if you are looking for a more fitted style.