Ruffles Galore!

A review of Bloomsbury Blouse

Reviewed by Natasha on 13th September, 2021

My latest creation is a floral blouse using the Bloomsbury pattern by Nina Lee. I’m quite surprised I haven’t seen more of this pattern as ruffles are a bit of an “in” thing at the moment (or at least they were when I last checked) and this has all the ruffles a girl could need 😍

This started out as a toile before I cut into some gorgeous white embroidered cotton for a full on Mina Harker inspired showstopper. But I like it so much I’ve worn it three times in a week!

The pattern is an Edwardian inspired blouse with high collar, yoked bodice, two ruffle options, button back fastening, bracelet length sleeves and optional sleeve and cuff ruffles. As you can see I decided to have them all!

I chose a classic floral fabric to complement the romantic Victorian feel of the pattern.

The fabric is listed as “light” weight cotton, which is what this pattern calls for. It was easy to cut and sew (as expected!) Even the gathering process was a breeze. Also, because it’s such a crisp fabric it holds the ruffles in shape beautifully, which is what this pattern is all about.

I made a size 12 straight out the packet with no modifications. The finished measurements are B:40, W:37, H:42. I’m really pleased with the fit, it’s not too close fitting and has a lovely defined shape. The hem falls just below my hips meaning this looks fabulous both tucked into high waisted trousers or worn out over skinny jeans.

Before I began construction I took time to sew all the narrow hems and gathering stitches before anything else. Oh in case I forget to mention – that’s about 5m!! 😫 The length of bodice ruffle alone measured 2.5m – a rather long hem and a good half hour do the gathering up! – so make sure you have a brew handy!!

Pattern wise, the instructions were clear and easy to follow. It all made sense, none of it was confusing and it was another enjoyable project.

The blouse buttons up at the back, but there are no buttons on the back yoke so it slips easily on with just undoing the top collar button. I decided I wanted “hidden” buttons so I made some matching covered buttons as a finishing touch.

I love this blouse, it’s going to be a great addition to my autumn wardrobe and thanks to the long sleeves and high neck, I won’t have to worry about my thermals peeking out as the weather gets colder 🤣

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful weekend and happy sewing 🧵 🪡