Rosie dress

A review of Rosie Dress and Skirt


Reviewed by Anna-OmpeleOmaOnnesi on 19th October, 2018

This is my third Rosie dress and I love it. I find Rosie the perfect pattern for a stylish yet comfortable summer dress. I used this pretty cotton that has been in my stash for quite some time. I made the option with collar but did not use any boning. I don’t like boning in a dress like this. But I think it works very well without it as well.

Rosie dress is not at all as difficult to make as might seem. The bodice is lined, which is a nice detail. It has an invisible zipper in the back, but otherwise there are no complicated details. I like how the skirt is quite full but it also has a very flattering shape.

I have lengthened the bodice by couple of inches. Otherwise I haven’t made any alterations to the pattern. As said, this is my third Rosie, and I still see many more of these in my future.