Riva Jumpsuit – Fibre Mood No. 3

A review of Edition 4


Reviewed by ErinVanHandel on 17th October, 2019

This is the Riva jumpsuit from the No. 3 (not No. 4; No. 4 wasn’t an option) edition of Fibre Mood. I sewed it in a light-to-medium weight linen-rayon blend from Joann. I sewed a size 36, but I should have sized up in the hips.

I did a number of modifications, most notably adding a back bodice zipper and cropping the sleeves and legs. If you’re looking for a basic jumpsuit to see if you like the look, I think the Riva is a good starting point.

For all the details on this garment, you’re invited to check out my blog post: Riva Jumpsuit: Every Mistake is a Lesson Learned.