Review of V1617

A review of Vogue Jumpsuit V1617

Reviewed by rachelintime on 9th April, 2020

I picked this pattern to make for Cambs Frocktails, I love the design of it and that there are no zips or fastenings. I used a rayon fabric which was so soft and had a lovely drape, it was perfect for this pattern. I cut out a large and the only alteration I did was to shorten the leg length by 10cm. The fit is relaxed so it doesn’t need much adjustment, but I would advise going up a size up if you are between sizes as it makes it easier to climb in and out through the neck!

I did find some of the instructions a little confusing. I don’t think I did the neck binding as per the instructions and I definitely went wrong on the waistband which meant I couldn’t work our how to attach the bodice to the trousers as per the instructions. It confused me for a while, but in the end I just put the instructions down and worked out my own way which was fine. The waistband is a little confusing but makes sense once you’re wearing it. It’s two pieces and the back fastens round the front and the front has ties that you pass round and tie at the front, hence why attaching the bodice to the trousers wasn’t straight forward!

I enjoyed making it and the jumpsuit is so comfortable to wear. I would definitely make another version if I had another occasion, it would make a great evening party summer outfit. And it has pockets!