Perfect knit wrap top for curvy busts

A review of Allie Olson Elio Top

Reviewed by Belle Citadel on 4th November, 2021

I saw The Foldline added this pattern to their roster and wanted to write a review as it’s one of my favourite knit tops – I’ve made 5 so far! I’m a curvy sewing D cup (regular DD or E cup bra) and I find it challenging to get a good fit with a wrap top, either knit or woven.

Allie Olson extended her sizing to a D cup range earlier this year and I volunteered to test it to see how it would work out.  I made the 16D cup  – the D cup range spans from 12-30. My actual measurements are somewhere between a 16 and 18 and so after the test garment, I made a couple of adjustments.

I needed a narrower shoulder (common for me), so for my final top I cut the size 14 and then graded out to the 18; the tummy area is more where I am the size 18. I also decided to raise the bust crosspoint by about 3/4″ as it was just a little gaping on me. I would say that the sleeves are quite snug – just about okay on me, but if you have to do any sort of bicep or full sleeve adjustment normally, you’ll definitely want to check these.

Some of the things that I really like about this top are the way common wrap issues have been taken into consideration. One of the ways you finish the hem is with fold-over elastic. It sounds weird but it really helps to keep the top secure on your hips and it’s easy to do. Similarly, there’s a technique for sewing a little elastic in the side seams to keep them level. I love that someone has taken the time to think about how this kind of top actually functions on someone’s body – and it’s why I’ve made 5 so far! It’s a great staple.

I wrote a full blog post with my fitting process and more construction details back in January if you’re interested, but overall, I just really like this top and can recommend it!