On trend style raincoat with clear instructions

A review of Jacques Raincoat


Reviewed by HalesMooreSewing on 11th September, 2020

I found this pattern on the Foldline website when I was browsing for jacket patterns as I needed a new raincoat after my old (cheap rtw one) started falling to bits.  I AM Patterns didn’t have a big size range for this jacket and my hip measurements (43″) put me just outside of their biggest size, so I contacted them direct to ask about the ease in their patterns and if I could get away with making a smaller size.  I AM contacted me and offered me this pattern for free to test out a bigger size range that they were introducing, in exchange for some feedback.  All opinions are entirely my own and I absolutely love this jacket.  After some initial googling of the seam allowance measurements (5/16″??) everything went together so well due to the clear and concise instructions.  This jacket has patch pockets, so there are no extra inside seams to deal with and every step is laid out for you to follow along.  I used snaps from Hemline which I purchased locally and made this in a waterproof fabric, using a polyester fabric from my stash as a lining.  This pattern gives you a great introduction to working with hardware such as snap fasteners and a metal separating zip.  I could only purchase a 24″ zip as couldn’t find the 25″ the pattern recommends for the classic version.  I shortened the jacket by 1″ at the shorten lines, just to keep everything in proportion.  There are 3 length options, but I chose the classic length and it sits at a good length on me.  I almost can’t wait for it to rain! Making this jacket will give you a great feeling of accomplishment and even my 9 year old daughter was impressed (I think it was the wonder at the snap fasteners!).