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A review of True Bias Riley Overalls

Reviewed by paula.kaaria on 31st December, 2023

Riley Overalls by True Bias was a breezy sew while taking account on that it yet has many steps. The Instructions were clear and informative. Good diagrams and with all the information that was needed. In such extend that a sewist with less experience could tackle making a pair.

Overalls are true to size too. Comfortable to wear and with good fit. The sizecharts are easy to interprete. I did my pair in size 10. Which was my size due to the charts.

I did not make a toile. And happy with the end result. I did add lenght 7cm. I’m 1.7m tall and wanted a nice wide hem to both of the legs and neat while turning them up. Really enjoying the wide legs.

Topstitching was fun and with some practise it worked well. I think it also is the most challenging part of the make. And would advice to try beforehand even if I was an advanced beginner.

Enjoyed making them in small blocks and as much enjoying wearing them. Happy for the end result. Thank You for a great pattern with lovely details!

Oh! One thing  I did leave  out and it was the belt loops. I wanted to keep it simple and afterwards was happy with the decision!