Myosotis dress

Reviewed by helloyellowclub on 19th October, 2018

Like many people before me I made a white Myosotis dress and I love it.

I opted for view A but left off the sleeve ruffle to make it a bit more understated. I also added about 10cm in length to the main skirt piece as I wanted a bit more coverage but ended up removing about 5cm at the hemming stage. I cut a size 38 which would ordinarily be my normal size. It’s quite roomy so I added some waist ties into the side seams which nips it in nicely. I could have gone down a size in retrospect but the combo of the waist ties and viscose means it looks ok fit wise.

I used a white viscose Wear Lemonade fabric. I probably used about 2.5m total. I really like how it turned out but I think if I made it in a viscose again I’d omit the ruffle or make it in something slightly more rigid to enhance the ruffle.

The only tricky part of this make is the collar – it needs quite a bit of precision otherwise it can twist. It took a few attempts to do but I focused on one end and only stitched a few cm down the neckline until I was happy then did the same at the other end and then eased in the rest of the collar. I found this made the whole process easier.

If you fancy a more substantial read about my make I have written more here 🙂