Men’s Hudson pants

A review of True Bias Men's Hudson Pant

Reviewed by buttonnpip on 5th April, 2018

The Hudson Pants are a slim fitting jogger with a dropped crotch and tapered ankles. As soon as I showed my husband this pattern he said yes!
The pattern sizing is spot on for his measurements however, you might need to add a little length if you are taller than average.
The instructions were clear and concise accompanied with simple sketched drawings. The pocket detail is easy to attach and gives the pattern a professional look. I was pleased that for the ankle cuff I didn’t need to purchase any tubular rib cuffing and just used a piece of the jersey. When top stitching the waistband don’t be tempted to over look pinning the gathers into place. I did and it didn’t turn out even and so I have to unpick and redo.
A pattern success and I’ve already been asked to make more!