McCalls Misses’/Men’s Tops and Hoodies 6614

A review of McCalls Unisex Tops and Hoodies M8054

Reviewed by DaniArtGeek on 5th April, 2018

I made this for my partner. It had everything that he wanted – zip, kangaroo pocket, option for different coloured hood lining. I really wanted to love it and for it to become a staple but, in the end, I’m not 100% happy with the pattern.

I found the instructions okay to follow but, when it came to the zip, the measurements didn’t seem to add up. I double-checked that I had bought the right length, measured my pattern and excluded the seam allowances, but still the zip appeared to be too short. In the end I trimmed the neck a little and probably over-folded the fabric to ensure that the zip went to the top of the hoodie. I should say that this is my first hoodie; I’ve made shirts, sweatshirts, jeans so I’m familiar with knits and also more complicated patterns. I also took my time, making it over several sewing sessions rather than trying to rush it.

Ultimately, the thing that I am not happy with is where the hoodie meets the main body. It’s an odd placement where the hood forms part of the top of the shoulders and, in my opinion, it just doesn’t look right. My partner is fairly happy with the hoodie, but also recognised that the hood was a bit odd.

Overall verdict: there are some nice aspects. I like that the zip has a facing on the reverse to hide the “work” and the raglan style is great for adding other colours for sleeves etc. Will I make it again? Probably not. It’s a lot of work for something not quite right.